My ElClasico dream

Loyal reader!

Hello Hello hellloooo.

As I write this for the first time in a long time I have nothing to do. Baby is fast asleep and baby’s daddy is watching the ElClasico (you know, the huge match between Barcelona and Real Madrid).

I get my laptop for a little ‘me’ time. Open Twitter and WOW, open Facebook and OH. My. God. bring the phone open Instagram, What the heck?! Let’s check Snapchat and woooooo don’t wake the baby up with all those screams.

ElClasico – Real Madrid & Barcelona match is  a huge  deal even in Kurdistan

Yup. You get the point. This game is huge. As a good handful of people on Twitter kindly rudely corrected me, more than half the world are watching the match tonight and I am just weird for not being one of them. Even though if I hear Barcelona have won I will love making an appearance on the Facebook page of some of my former colleagues who live and breathe Real Madrid.

Anyhow. This makes me dream. How I wish and dream that one day the entire world will wait for the Kurdistani team to play against another amazing team. I dream for all the tickets to be sold out, for me to search everywhere for a ticket and in the end I end I still can’t get one so I watch the game with family and friends. I scream my lungs out to the extend the next day I have lost my voice.

How amazing it would be for me to dress my little boy in the Kurdistani football kit, for me to wear all the colours of our flag, have hats, shirts and even face painting done in green, red, white and yellow!

I will be the biggest football fan.

You know if such a thing happened it would put Kurdistan on the global map. It is the best diplomacy we can use. Kurdistan needs to invest in sport, in music, film etc. it can be our tool to present ourselves to the world, to educate the world about our history, people and above all to serve our cause.

We are fractured all over, but I love how sport unites people. In sport it doesn’t matter what political party you belong to, what religion you practice or what ethnicity you are, as long as you play well you are in. I love the idea that if one person plays well it reflects in the entire team, and how a victory makes an entire nation smile. For once we will all have one interest. If only that same idea was implemented in our politics and society. I also love how footballers (athletes in general) can be so influential and inspiring in the lives of young people. Hence, have the power to give great messages.

So, until that Kurdistani team sings our national anthem before kick off in that huge stadium where all the seats are taken and the rest of the world watches live,  football will not be my istikan of chai.

Love to My Nest in Kurdistan,


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