They decided on forever

Dearest friend….

Many of those close to me have made their vows and said their I DOs. Happily, I have attended the ceremonies of those dearest as they began their life as Mr and Mrs. I danced in the weddings of those closest to me and from the bottom of my heart I smiled (and cried) as I have watched rings be exchanged and vows be made.


But this one is like no other. Today, the word congratulations does not do justice to the ocean deep emotions and mountain high words I have inside me as you both say “yes” and accept to live the rest of your life together.

As D & H become husband and wife…

When she speaks about him her eyes sparkle. Her smile is so wide you can see every single one of her teeth (I am so glad her braces are over and done with!) and trust me I can hear that heart of hers beat too.

As for him, he is  the man she can rely on. The one who will support her, join her every step in every journey  and the first to applaud her every success. He loves her beyond words, and she is one who genuinely deserves his heart (and mind)!

As for me. I feel I have been part of this fairytale from its very beginnings. I could not be happier for this union. What better than my two best friends becoming husband and wife? I guess it is the type of story that I would like to tell my little girl as she falls asleep. The type that I would write if I was writing a fairytale picture book but I would replace the Prince and Princess with D. & H. Because from them we have a lot to learn….


Love to my nest in Kurdistan


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