My happiness…

Dearest loyal reader…

Do you ever ask yourself what is happiness? Am I happy? How can I be happy? Do you ever have one of those moments where you go back to your life and see your accomplishments. On that note do you even feel like you have any accomplishments?


I have always been happy. I never knew the reason, but I knew I was happy. The smile would never disappear from my face. The happiness was so deep that the challenges I faced on a  daily bases didn’t get to me.

Earlier this evening I was talking to someone about what happiness means to me. They had a completely different opinion, which I respect. So I thought I will come here and let myself express a little. At the age of 26 I feel I have the right to say a little about what happiness is, and more in particular what it means to me.


Looking back at the happiest times of my life they have always been the times where I have given my 110%. They are the times where I have been involved in the life of others, where I have given and not taken. The times I worked on projects to benefit the larger community, the times I dealt with women who were most vulnerable, with youth who felt they could no longer dream in life, with women in prison, orphans, girls who had undergone female genital mutilation, with those who were victims of violence or prone to early and forced marriages, and of course at the end the refugees and IDPs.


I don’t mean I was happy to see people suffering. No, of course not (if only you knew the tears and sleepless nights I have had because of this) but happiness to be part of their life, to do something (even though I can assure it was never a lot, but I guess something is better than nothing?) to touch their lives; sometimes in ways they probably won’t even notice.

Happiness is when in the most difficult times in your life there is a hand that holds yours

Happiness is being loved and supported by the closest ones in your life. It is being believed in, it is not fearing anything in the world because you know when you go home or when you pickup the phone there is someone who cares for you, who will listen to you, who loves you for all that you are.

Social life brings a lot of happiness. The social life that brings your friends home to sit in the garden and have some tea or those who come and talk to you while you clean your house or while you are in the kitchen cooking. The type of social life where you can express  yourself without being judged, embarrassed or let down.

12810010_1271388032877778_1841574989_oHappiness, for me, is when I am in peace with myself. It is when I hold no hatred or tough feelings towards anyone, where I distant myself from those who hurt me and bring close to me the ones who matter, the ones who colour my life and more importantly the ones who love me without conditions.

So, when you:

  1. Love yourself
  2. Are happy with your achievements
  3. Try your best
  4. Help others when you can
  5. Love the dearest ones to you unconditionally (whether it’s a relative, family member, friend, or your partner)
  6. Set yourself goals and dreams – setting is easy, but striving to achieve them
  7. Surround yourself with those who care for you and those you care about
  8. Make a difference and contribute to your environment/ society/ work
  9. Feel you are worthy

… then I guess you have all the reasons to be happy. Genuinely happy. (Next time you feel unhappy go through the above list and see where you are lacking. Try it, why not?)

Love can sometimes be the most beautiful source of happiness

To love others, to give to others  brings you happiness, without even realizing it.

Until next time

Lots of love to my nest in Kurdistan



3 thoughts on “My happiness…

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  1. Amazing Post Sweetheart Sazan, for me happiness is equal to love that surround me, support me, love where I feel I’m safe, strong enough to live the challenges every day, to learn every moment in my life, happiness for me is what I receive after my long patience,Happiness is Home, Happiness is Good Health, Happiness is Family, Happiness is life partner, Happiness is Good friends, Happiness is Love!

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  2. Thanks for your inspirational post! It is a very nice and lovely post. You are truly a beautiful person from which many people can and should learn, an example to be followed!


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