She sailed away to see what she could see…

Hello loyal reader!

It has been a while, I agree but I don’t call you loyal readers for nothing. You have been on my mind.

I have lost count of the peer education sessions where I have explained the problem solving tree.’ I wish I remembered all the problems we discussed in all these trees. Participants go in groups, draw a tree and then present the problem they are assigned in the form of a tree. In the roots of their illustration they write the cause of the issue, the barks and stalks would be the signs, in the leaves they write the consequences and I would always ask to draw a sign post or a sun and write in it the solutions. Earlier, as I scrolled down Facebook and saw the news (that I am about to tell you) in my head I could draw the tree and fill the roots with all the reasons why it happened. I probably know exactly what to put in the sun, but sadly none of it is in my hands…

Lilav, a refugee in one of the camps in the Kurdistan region became a refugee again, this time in Germany

When we began the peer education with our amazing UNFPA Duhok team, one of the girls, Lilav, was very talented, a great asset to our peer education program and one of the girls in the camp who was making a difference and changing young lives everyday. She probably doesn’t realize the extent to which her sessions influenced people and how amazing she was in running one of the youth spaces despite her lack of expertise. I should pause and mention here at her arrival to the camp, when I first met Lilav, she was the type who would say the entire glass is empty (even if it was half full) and was a bucket full of depression due to the events that had recently taken place in her life. Anyhow, she adjusted, she succeeded, she began to change the lives of others, and what an amazing young Kurdish girl she was. A refugee, in a camp, with so many dreams and later she became the young woman who had enough energy and dedication to make her dreams come true.

A few hours ago I was scrolling through Facebook only to realize she has now moved to Germany with her brother. A refugee once again, but now in a far away, developed land. I doubt Lilav will ever set foot back into this part of the world for at least another decade.

I am sad to my bones.

What can I say. We live in a place where more and more of our youth are leaving, and you know what? Sometimes it is the best of our young minds that are leaving. Those with dreams, ambitions, those who have talent, those who can make a change are feeling their potentials can not be used here and so they set their navigations and sail away.

Just by the look in her face you can tell this young woman, refugee, is an asset to any country she belongs to

Once upon a time when I wrote started this blog (in 2008) my email was over flooding with young Kurds abroad who wanted to return to Kurdistan, they wanted to ask how life is here, where they can live, how to apply for jobs and whether their kids or siblings could be enrolled at local schools. Today my inbox has only little crumbs and my Facebook feed is a long river of faces I knew who are now making nests far from their mother lands.


I wish and dream our governments (and world leaders) would assist in providing a safe, peaceful and promising land to our youth. For if there are not promises to the future, and no peace no young person would live to make their dreams come true and make a difference in their society.

The day Rasti, Anmar and I first visited Lilva’s home in the Domiz Refugee camp. I remember it well, her family insisted we have coffee there, the TV was on the news and her dad spoke about their escape… 

Lilav, I miss you. I will be very selfish and say I wish you never left, we need you, Kurdistan needs you, Domiz camp needs you. But make your you make all your dreams come true, because it is your right to do.

Lots of love from

My Nest in Kurdistan


I came to the blog to write a post that I had planed to write about, but ended up rambling about something completely different. sorry! But I guess this is why I have this space, to ramble and release my frustrations (and hopefully my smiles)

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