A casual encounter with Dastan

Loyal reader,

Yesterday I was walking in our area with my sister-in-law (love you N.) only to bump into the very talented, Dastan. I have written about the now renowned Dastan & Iman over and over again. But today my encounter was different.


She left the taxi in her own world, trying to carefully take out this little baby of hers (see above picture). If it wasn’t for what seemed like the most precious object balancing on her hands I would have hugged her really really really tight.

In front of me I saw the once high school student, who was now a young lady pursuing her dreams and ambitions in life. Oh how I love to see girls making their dreams come true. In the few minutes we had under the sizzling mid-day heat of Hawler she explained to me the loft she is building for a pianist. Every little detail. All hand made, “because here they don’t sell the things in the colours I want,” she told me.

Dastan, who has recently gone through one of the toughest times of her life (losing her beloved mother to cancer) helped create the Erbil Cancer Support Center with the Erbil Shapers. As a result of our poor education system Dastan had to resort to a plan B when it came to her university studies… but today, here she was, in front of me with a big creation in her hand. I can’t wait to see this young lady turn into a woman of success, I can’t wait till l see amusing buildings with her signature on it, and for me to tell my son: “I know the person who created this!”

Sometimes in life we are forced to take the plan B or even C option, the key is whatever we choose to become, we become the best at it- by trying our best! That’s what I see in this young woman. If only you knew, my dearest reader, how content I was to see Dastan and in her hand, carried like her own baby, an architectural design.

May Kurdistan be the country where young architectures can be given the support, and opportunities needed to create in reality what they see in their wildest imaginations.

Lots of love from

My Nest in Kurdistan


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