If I could…I would…

When I close my eyes and think of all the things I would do…. if only I could, the smile on my face widens and I move to another world. I thought for a few Thursdays I will share my if I could.. I would dreams with you.


This one, I share with my lovely friend Saza (if you don’t know her then what a shame!!!!).

My dearest reader, if I could, I would run a private orphanage.

The staff will have to have a CV with educational background, work experience and rigorous interviews will be held to observe just how passionate they are about their work in an orphanage.

Once they pass the interviews (yes, more than one interview for sure!!) they will begin work with probation periods. Contracts will be on a three month bases for the first year. Perfect staff is all I will take.

The orphanage will have a routine. The children will know what they are doing that entire week every hour of every day. It will be packed with extra curricula activities, sports tournaments, peer education, self esteem and life coach sessions. I will make sure a staff member will visit schools regularly to see how each student is doing. Those who are older, if I could, I would find them work internships in places where they can build themselves, realize their potentials and believe in themselves.

If I could, I would be very strict on some of the rules to ensure the happiness and mental wellbeing of the children. Staff won’t be allowed to bring in their own kids, I won’t have a huge number of staff, but those I have will be a handful of the most amazing people you would ever find.

All the staff will come to work during their shifts, they will be closely monitored and guess what? There are going to be consequences for misconduct.

If I could, I would make one of the orphans themselves the head of the orphanage when they are older. I will invest in their education, and their talents.

If I could, I would implement a foster care program as well….

You never know, my dearest reader, maybe one day I will.

Love from

My Nest in Kurdistan


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