If I can, I will……

Hi Loyal One (L.!!!)

If I can I will create a school based on lots of Montessori education, and peer learning. A school where group work, activities, and enjoyment are among its mission statement.

If I can I will build a school that will not raise the Xbox generation, nor will it raise the type of youth who are on social media 25 hours a day. It will graduate teenagers with hobbies (yes, when you ask them what is your hobby they will have an answer), young people with friends who enjoy social activities. Students will discover their love for sports, art, writing, mathematics, sciences, music, cooking, sculpturing and even woodwork.

excursions will be a monthly activity and guest speakers will be a weekly. In history they will visit Halabja and receive talks from victims. For religion they will visit Churches, Yazidi Shrines, and Mosques. In geography students will collect rocks and draw the Grand Canyon of Kurdistan, they will observe how the waterfall of Bekhal flows.

Health Education will be a subject. Cancer patients (as a result of smoking) will come in to give a talk. Former drug addicts will visit and talk about the consequences of their decisions. Experiments will take place for the students to see for themselves how Coke, Argeela, and unhealthy diets affects the human body. I won’t say “don’t do,” but I will show the consequences. In this school the sex education in the human biology books will not be ignored, and question and answers will be welcome.

They will read books, and then meet the author face to face! (I am excited already!)

If I can, I will open a school where for Chemistry, and Physics students will have laboratories; for music they will be acquainted with Kurdish instruments among the others. In human biology doctors, and dentists will come in and explain the teeth, or the different parts of the heart.

Students will dissect the heart and brain of animals (don’t worry all animal rights will be respect. I promise. In fact, we will encourage animal rights). Because we believe you learn by being involved.

For biology, assignments will be given in an excursion to a lake or a park.

If I can I will create a school where classrooms have pets, maybe as simple as a crab or even snails. As a group they will look after it, feed it, and observe it.

If I can, I will one day create a school with a stage for performing arts, a podium for when students read out their speeches and poems. Rewards for those who do well, or those who are improving. Building confidence will be my mission.

Students will be given elective choices. Parents will be invited to workshops on ways they can encourage their children, how to continue the discipline methods at home. They will be informed on how to deal with their children so there is a balance between the way rules work at home and how they work at school.

If I can I will put together a school where the teachers will be the best of the best. They will be calm, full of energy, they will be the type that love their jobs, the kind of teacher who you will never forget no matter how old you get. The teacher that inspires you, motivates you and allows you to express.

Students will sit on the floor on bean bags! Teachers will SMILE.                             Photo: http://www.mirror.co.uk

If I can I will create a school where for their second language students will have pen-pals in another part of the world. They will write and seal letters written in a second language. Their teacher will send it off to another country, another school…Day after day students will ask if the mail has come, excited to read their replies.

They will research companies, meet CEOs and visit offices of some of the biggest in the Region. They will go inside the Korek and AsciaCell offices, and even tour planes, and fire engines.

Pilots, doctors, engineers, artists, builders, fire fighters, and police men will come in their uniform for presentations, talks, and to answer questions.

In groups students will volunteer in different places and they will come back and report to their class by presenting a short video of what they did.

Creativity will not be killed.

In this school difference between rich and poor won’t be seen nor will it be felt.

The canteen will sell only healthy food. No, in fact, students will be asked to bring a lunch box and have packed lunch free of sweets and junk from home. They will wear a hat when playing under the sun (even girls) and events will be ongoing all year round.

In this school your parents won’t pay for private tutoring after school, because what are schools for?

ahhhhhh…..the ideas I have for this school.

If I can… I will build a school. Not just any school. A school that will raise a young generation of Kurds with not just amazing education but manners, respect, descipline, life skills, confidence, and a school where talents will be discovered, hobbies respected and friendships embraced. A school that understands teenagers, and works around all the hormonal changes that take place in the bodies of its students in different stages of their schooling age.

If I can, I will one day build and run a school for the most vulnerable in our society. Because quality education from a young age is life changing!

Lots of love from

My Nest in Kurdistan


Note: After I wrote the blog post last week I did some reading. This reading derived to a conclusion that technically “If I could.. I would” is not the best term to use. It should be replaced with “If  I can, I will.” You see the optimism in the second one? Hence, I decided to change the wording of these posts to if I can… I will. 

P.S. If you can create this school, please do.

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