Rishn: Handcrafted in Kurdistan

I have never liked beards. I have never cared and have never, ever thought about anything to do with beards. But that’s not what I have come to announce to the entire world (not that the entire world reads this blog, although that would be nice). Today I have grown a special respect for every man with a beard. Wait, I will explain.


And so I have learned a presentable beard, needs quite an effort from a dedicated, well groomed beard-man and I have come across just the right tools for this.

Those who know me well, know that my heart skips two beats for everything that is made in Kurdistan. Now imagine how many beats my poor heart skipped when it read the words “handcrafted in Kurdistan” do you see what I am coming to?


My friend, here, I present to you a luxury brand that is Made in Kurdistan–oh how those three words beautifully chime in my ears– Rishn* is a beard care and grooming company. Its branding is entirely Kurdish themed and as the minds behind the product put it, it is uniquely “handcrafted in Kurdistan.”

All of a sudden I have the urge of telling anyone I see with a beard to purchase a Rishn pack. As a matter of fact I never knew beards need grooming and care.  The founder of the brand, Omer Nihad, says those who grow beards to make a fashion statement, or because they ‘like how it looks’ take extra care of their beards, even if it means using certain oils and products. As it now seems, behind every clean and groomed beard, there is certainly a man with a sense of style (as well as patience and a Rishn kit at hand).


The idea of Rishn started with Omer, who himself has grown a beard (just stating the obvious). He came to realize there is a gap in the market regarding beard care products, and had an interest to fill this.

After the high quality, all natural ingredients are shipped from abroad; the assembling and blending all takes place in the heart of Kurdistan Region’s capital by the mind-with the beard- who thought of it all.

As of March 15, 2016 the product has been available for sale.* The current product selection include; Rishn Beard oil, mustache wax, selection of three multi-purpose beard combs, beard brush, scissors, mustache set and limited edition beard care kit.


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Join the Hashtag: BeARishn

“My aim was to project Rishn as a vintage style grooming good with a Kurdish traditional touch and influence.” Explains Omer. “This can be used to differentiate and identify our locally created products. Many local companies even go as far as presenting themselves and products as foreign,” Hence, local products are often dismissed to the inferiority concept attached with local production and work.

Rishn is challenging this view, just looking at the pictures (aren’t they amazing?) it feels as though the product is chanting: I am made in Kurdistan, and I’m so proud of it.

The products, 100% natural oils, all have an impressive and luxurious look and feel, lavish colours, and the attention dedicated to every little detail makes it look and worth like any upscale international brand.



The founder, as well as the cofounder and other Rishns are all in their twenties and are full  time employees. This has arrived almost as a hobby, or, a love for their beards.

While putting this blog post together I learn a lot about roots of beard follicles, sebaceous glands, sebum oil and a lot of  weird and interesting facts about beards. I am genuinely proud, and so content that there are youth out there who attempt to promote our Kurdish culture, heritage and people in every opportunity they have. My wish is for this initiative to grow, I ask you to support this production by making a purchase, or two. If not for yourself, then I am sure someone you know might just love it.  I feel this is the type of gift I would love to pass to my partner, that is if he had a beard.


Meanwhile the Rishn dream is to make a world class grooming goods that are handcrafted in Kurdistan. And turn this beard care  kit to a branded grooming company. I know there are people out there who have an interest in beard care and grooming (even though I may certainly not be one). One day I would like to walk past a shop and feel my heart skip a few beats to see Rishn (the company that began with Kurdish youth in Hawler) to be a trademark in the world’s biggest malls, of course with the ‘Made in Kurdistan’ tag.

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You can see more news, products and updates from the Rishn company on their website here (currently under trimming), and Instagram. The hashtags include #BeARishn #JoinRish and #Rishn

Lots of love to

My Nest in Kurdistan



*You can find the products at Renas Barber’s Club, Zuher Style, Chia Style, Shad boutique, Basilis Pizza and more other locations. Rashn have also established a website and visitors can soon order the products directly online.
This post is not an advertisement for the product. And is by no means an encouragement for youth to grow beards. All pictures posted in this blog post obtained from Omer Nihad. 

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