Society and pessimism

I am reading a book, which I have read before, but I felt like I needed to re-read it. It speaks about optimism, love, success, and happiness. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking, “one of those books,” maybe it is one of those books, I don’t know. But what I do know from reading The Power, I got an insight into the one main reason why our society is…. I can’t find the right word…pessimist might be the best that comes to mind.

“Give positivity, you receive back positivity; give negativity you receive back negativity. Give positive and you receive back a life full of positive… And how do you give positive and negative? Through your thoughts and your feelings!” (and of course what you say)

After giving birth to my son I heard a lot of about chaw* people would tell me right and left how I have to be careful. It went to the extent that people told me not to say that my son sleeps well (the nights that he did) incase ‘ba chaw bchet’ I often laughed and that was it.

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However, I have come to realize people don’t complement their husbands good deeds  or their relationship in front of others being scared of chaw. Parents don’t speak about their child’s success at school for the same reason. Some people go to the extent of saying the house they bought  came from a lot of borrowed money, or the trip they went to was paid for by someone else. Some even complain about their health, or hide the ‘good things’ in their life to protect them from bad deeds.

Chaw exists. But you only attract to yourself what you believe in, and what you constantly think of. So of course when you constantly think of being bashaw bchi, the chances are bashaw achi.

And so, because of this we find our conversations are always about complaints, how depressed one is and all the problems that we have. Without realizing, this constant negative speech becomes our thoughts, later our  feelings and soon it takes over us. It becomes a reality.

Mothers need to stop telling their children don’t say this, and don’t do that, and hide this and that because of chaw. Society will grow to be so self conscious, and negative.

Share your happiness, optimism and joy. Our conversations need to be brighter. And you will be happier too!

I would love to hear your ‘chaw’ experiences, leave a comment or email me.

Lots of love to

My Nest in Kurdistan


*Eyes. But I think in English the closest meaning is its reference to Jinx, or being jinxed.

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