Singles’ Day

Loyal Readers*
So, apparently today was Single’s Day. You didn’t know, right?
Photo by A. Rwandzi
I had absolutely no idea too.  The case is very different On Valentine’s Day. My entire Facebook and Instagram feed is filled with quotes, words, celebratory messages, flowers, and a million other things. It is even a time where people write paragraphs and essays on their status why this day shouldn’t be celebrated.
Today, I didn’t even realize it was Singles’ Day until an article came up online in one of the papers I was reading. Trump and ISIS have overtaken my Facebook and Twitter feeds, and there was no sign of Singles’ Day on Instagram.
You know why? Because our market can’t capitalize it. How would they? It doesn’t make them any money. There are no adverts to eat our brains. And no campaign that makes every husband feel guilty if he doesn’t walk home with flowers, a perfume and perhaps a box with something inside (maybe the smaller the better?).
[A few minute pause. Be right back]
I am back!
A quick google search tells me this is a Chinese based occasion, but now gone international. It also appears that I am mistaken, 11 November somehow manages to make millions of dollars in gifts. I guess this is something that my corner of the world hasn’t come to copy… yet.
So, I am sending lots of love to all the single friends out there.
Every stage in our life has its beauty, and believe it or not, the greatest memories are made during the single days!
day for this, and a day for that, is at the end of the day: day to make more money.
I would love to hear your thoughts about Singles’ Day. Should it be celebrated? Does it fit with our cultural values and traditions?
Love to My Nest in Kurdistan
* I haven’t been blogging recently because I am on the verge of depression and anxiety with everything that is taking place. I am also stepping back a little bit from the news as it’s having adverse effects on me. I feel I just need to breathe a little. Every article I read or video I see comes to my dream and eats my thoughts all day and night…

2 thoughts on “Singles’ Day

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  1. It was strange for me too when I read it on the Van Gogh page on Facebook. They did celebrate single’s day cause apparently Van Gogh lived and died single. I didn’t hesitate to hit share for the Van Gogh single’s day post and apparently none of my 500 friends thought it interesting enough to hit like. Thx for sharing this post and doing what I was lazy to do by googling about it. I personally think celebrating it can be fun especially for people already in relationships who can tease their single friends with it. I already got my ‘forever alone’ meme cup from my best friend few years back. And I still have it safe on my desk.
    It can sure be a new trend Kurdistan. Hoping I won’t be celebrating it next year lolz.


  2. what sort of anxiety and dipression did come to you i hope you will post now and then ,with out you all kind of social media will die soon


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