2017 resolutions

Dearest reader,

Every year I have resolutions. Every. Single. Year. Sometimes I start strong, and motivated for a few weeks and then over night I let life take me in its turmoil. Other times everything I write remains at the back of my mind, and I remind myself of them on the day-to-day decisions I have to make.

I am the type of person who always has a goal in life, that’s how I was brought up. When I don’t have a goal to work on I feel hopeless, depressed and my inner negative energies begin speaking to me. That’s never a good sign!

December 2016. Early days of my 27th year…

So here we go, for 2017 I hope to:

  • Read more books-  Books that are not study related. Not research methodology, and not education related. Books that take me to a different world, something to read instead of scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. I have put two for every month, that’s 24 novels for the year.
  • Healthy lifestyle – I am going to do this by walking or exercise. A lovely friend of mine began a 21 day running challenge. She had read somewhere if you do something for 21 days it becomes your habit, since that day till now walking and running is part of her lifestyle. I followed her footsteps and today I am on day two. Because I have a little one, my daily exercise will also be my ‘me time’ I won’t go for a walk with a friend, or anyone. Just me.
  • Organized study times – Somedays I do robust study session marathons for a few days in a row, other days I get busy with all that life gives me and I am away from my research for a while. It takes a lot from me to come back from where I left off. In 2017, I hope to have pre scheduled study hours, a bit a day, rather than those big chunks past midnight. I need to build myself a little study area too.
  • I love socializing, I love having friends over and I love seeing people outside. I always have. With a little one this becomes more and more difficult, but I have made a point not to use the ‘baby’ excuse anymore. I can work around it. I am sure I can. So 2017, bring one those pyala of chais, good company and lots of kulicha gatherings with all those I love and admire.
  • More TO-Do lists. I have always kept daily diaries, until end of October 2015. I didn’t always stick to it, but it helped me shape my life and just keep organized, so this year I am bringing back the diary to my life. This will be interesting! hhhhhhhh
  • Write! Write! Write! I miss writing. Be it study related, or the blog. In fact I will try to write a new post every week to 10 days.
  • Somewhere in my mind I have a picture of a novel that I want to put together, I have notes here and there, post-it ideas when they come to me. I won’t say I want to write the book this year, because I do want time to breathe… and wash my hair, and maybe cook and cleanup and see people. But I want to give myself the time every now and then to do little brainstorm session– preparation for 2020 perhaps?
  • I want this year to be about me (and not my phone). To take care of my inner self- from health to outer care to caring about my thoughts and feelings. I get affected a lot regarding things that happen around me to an extent making me sleepless at night. I hope with less social media use (I am so proud of my progress since the day I decided  on this last year) and my muted Viber and Whatsapp message notifications I will have my head held high to see the sky, trees, or even the roof instead of looking down to my ‘smart’ phone. It’s an ugly habit I have decided to conquer in 2017!
  • Finally, I have a very important examination sometime this year that will determine a lot about my future and literally, my life. So I do hope to pass that exam, and if I don’t it won’t be the end of the world. But I hope to continue something that I decided to start at a time in my life that any human being with rational thought would not have started!

Oh one more thing: If I get to travel somewhere I haven’t been to before than that is a bonus, I doubt it will happen this year but traveling is something that I LOVE a little too much, and is always sitting in my mind (and in fact, on my heart too). You know, an Island place, with beach, sand, sunshine.. *closing eyes and smiling*

Any howwwwwww!!!!!

Despite all the negativity, all the depression that we go through in this part of the world. Despite all the economic, social and political challenges we face every single day of our lives, I want to make a personal decision and make 2017 a good year… for myself. I’m determined.

Thank you, loyal reader, for being part of my journey all these New Years, thank you for reading, commenting, and writing to me. I wish you many happy days in 2017.

Lots of love from

My Nest in Kurdistan,



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  1. Dearest Sazan, you are and always have been one of the most active, motivated, sweetest and caring of people I have known. You will always achieve your goals, one way or another, with you lively, can do and positive attitude. hugs my dear, Lesley


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