Kurdish hijabi fashion blogger: An inspiration and role model

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It’s been a while since I wrote to you about something bright, colorful, full of hope, life and [insert all the positive words I know here].

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Soza Mohamed – Fashion blogging on Instagram

There are certain accounts on Instagram that make me smile every time they post a new photo, Sozyar Mohamed (but called Soza) is definitely one of them.  I love her colorful personality, even though we haven’t met in real life. Correct me if I’m wrong: She is the first and only public account of a Kurdish Hijabi fashion blogger with such a wide audience.

Soza has become a role model and a source of inspiration for Kurdish girls who choose to dress modestly or wear a veil. Born in Slemani and raised in Darbandikhan Soza says her love for fashion and all the inspiration came from her mother and aunts. Did I mention both Soza and her mother were born on the day of Nawroz, March 21st?! Is it a coincidence that this young lady was born on a day where Kurds everywhere are doing Halparke?


Her turban style hijab was also a family inspiration, “I loved how my aunties dressed, I think that’s where it all started. My aunties in their jli Kurdi and that enormous sara bast (turban) they did at every picnic we used to go to, I loved it! My biggest fashion and styling inspiration is taken from the family.”


I couldn’t resist asking Soza what’s her aim in sharing her styling photos on Instagram, her reply was a reflection of her beautiful soul.  “Through every picture I post, I have four little messages I like to send to the audience who follow me on Instagram. First, I want to tell every girl out there, Kurdish or not, that it is OK to share your pictures as long as they are appropriate. Secondly, for people to express what’s in their hearts (I do this through some of my photo captions). Thirdly, you don’t have to buy expensive clothes to look pretty and confident with what you’re wearing  (all of my followers know that I buy clothes from Kona! because they are unique and cheap). Finally,  I want to tell people to smile.”



At a time when young girls feel social pressure to own expensive higher-end and luxuries clothing and accessories, Soza says it loud and clear in her captions that her clothes are from Kona (or langa). She says her clothing pieces rarely exceed 15, 000 IQD ($12). She talks to every girl who doesn’t have a father’s deep pockets to dig into that they can still look stylish, elegant, presentable and super confident by bargain hunting in their local langa.

How amazing is it that a girl with a such an audience can make it cool and normal to go and shop at less ‘fancy’ places while also paying less. You’ve got to love Soza for this!!

Scrolling though her Instagram feed I realize this young Kurdish girl has turned the simple act of wearing clothes into an art of its own.



Personally, I know many Kurdish girls who have taken the decision to take off their veils or are thinking about it, when talking to Soza about this it seemed it is a trend at the moment, “I know a lot of my friends and family members who took their hijab off , there are several different reasons behind them, whether they were too young and took the decision very early or family influences.”

Soza remains a role model and an inspiration for girls who see beauty in unveiled hair everywhere they look on social media.

Throughout the years, the majority (certainly not all) of the successful youth I have come across have endless family support. For those familiar with the kurdish society will know the key to a girl’s success n particular is getting the green light from home first. It appears the same is true in Soza’s case.

“Every single person I know supports me A LOT, including my friends. My family is awesome!!! Shatw is also amazing. Wallahi they are my favourite people.I never faced any challenges with my family… because I didn’t tell them in the first place (except my Mom). I even blocked my brother in the beginning 😀 I was afraid he would react badly but I was wrong…. he was amazed by my account after I unblocked him 😂 (he doesn’t know about the blocking, I hope he won’t read this blog)”

You can all follow Soza on her Instagram right here. Write her a comment and show your support. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing someone do what they are passionate about, and they do it with a smile!! Soza and her little square pictures on Instagram are a true reflection of just that!

Much love from

My Nest in Kurdistan


5 thoughts on “Kurdish hijabi fashion blogger: An inspiration and role model

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  1. Lovely, in every way. What a bright and beautiful young lady. Your clothing should express your personality and be a matter of you choice. I would support this young person wholeheartedly, in both her dress sense and comments.

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  2. this sort of frees is not considered as a hijab cos she has worn pants which is obsoletely none islamic very piece of her body are visible


  3. Me also being Kurdish I really acknowledge her, as she truly is an inspiration to many girls with her beautiful personality and showing that we all can contribute in a positive way, be successful with it and inspire others! Keep up the good work!


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