At the Book Café

I have so many dreams. One of them is made of bookshelves that touch the roof, smell of coffee that gives me a morning energy sensation, chocolate when I please and a place filled with words. Everywhere you look there are words, quotes and you know what? I wouldn’t even mind if books were floating when I looked up.


In this dream talent is appreciated. Everything is made with love, from the food I eat to the candles I lit and even the people I meet. Here, everything is pretty. From tea pots to the vases of flowers and plants.

What is incredible is that this is no longer a dream. In fact, right now, this very second I am blogging from this dreamy place. My heart smiles and my mind is bursting with ideas and plans as the doors to the Book Café Erbil have officially opened.


The first time I ever met Ravan, the co-founder, this initiative was discussed. Since that day my excitement could not be held within. I have been bursting in joy and anticipation.


I have been studying since 8 am here. Children are walking in asking if there are books for their age. Elderly men are coming in ordering tea while flipping through books. Two friends came in for a reading date while having cupcakes. And you know what? As tempting as it is to take photos for Instagram (because the colour and lighting of this place is simply WOW) these two friends are reading instead. Even husband and wife (or just lovers) are coming to read. Just read. Someone please pinch me!


Earlier, a mother a grandmother, and two kids came in together. Mother and nana had chai and coffee, the kids had fresh juice and muffins while each had a book in their hand. I looked at Ravan with tears of joy, she is busy on her phone making orders for fresh oranges, some stationery and children’s books. Gosh I love this girl!


The lady on my right has come in with tracksuits, she was on her morning walk, just passing by, water and about ten books sitting on her table. A stack to buy, a stack to read in here, a stack to put back in the bookshelf. Is it weird if I go and just give her a random hug? She makes a call making a date with someone for later this afternoon.

People like her make this place successful.

The lady behind all this, reader and writer (and engineer) Ravan!

I hope to blog my Thursday Thoughts from this café. Hopefully, it will include the stories, memories and encounters in this nest as well.

For now lots of love from

My Nest in Kurdistan (and My Nest at the Book Cafe)


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