This Kurdish girl deserves a thank you

There are probably a thousand depressing things that I would love to write about right now, to get it all off my chest. Writing those negative thoughts and emotions is often therapeutic. However, I choose not to. You see, dearest reader, I woke up to such a beautiful post from a person I follow on Facebook, I can swear this post is the reason why I will have a good day.


I have written about Lanja on the blog, she is always doing little things in Slemani that have much bigger rippling effects. I admire Kurdish girls like her- SO MUCH! She has done it again this time, something so simple, yet so big.


Recently, in fact yesterday, Lanja restored a mini street library in Shaqami Salm (Salm street), and chose books from her own home library to place  in it. On her Facebook post she politely asked everyone to look after it, and to take books free of charge, read them, and then return them back for others to enjoy. Don’t you feel like giving her a tight hug… a long, tight hug?


Why does this young Kurdish girl deserve a thank you? Because she does like things here and there that will one day change an entire society; Because we are used to seeing and hearing about ‘bad people’ making ‘bad news’ it just opens our hearts and gives us hope when individuals like Lanja turn up on our Facebook feeds. I love this girl, though I have never met her. So many role models in our society, and it just makes me proud.

Lots of love from

My Nest in Kurdistan


Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 7.50.57 AM
This is the post lanja wrote in Kurdish on her Facebook page

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  1. Beautiful, let us hope that she can start a trend across Kurdistan, for young and old alike/ A young lady with a beautiful soul, much to be admired.


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