One of those days….

Sometimes I am over the moon. Happy, joyful and my heart skips beats (in a good way!). This morning I woke up with the sun rise, prayed, finished some work on my laptop– without the assistance of coffee. By 8 am we were hosted by one of my favourite people on the planet for breakfast. She spoils me so well, and it’s always a Kurdish themed breakfast. Life is good. Lovely weather, lovely people, and some positive conversations. When I got back home I even posted a photo on Instagram and Twitter to tell the world how a pyala of chai works its magic on my heart (not sure why I had to tell the world, but I did anyway).

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 2.31.38 PM

What else could I want? I felt so blessed and thankful. So appreciative to everything that I have, that I am surrounded with… But. Yes, there is always a big ‘but.’ For some reason happiness is not just what happens in your own bubble. I come home, put baby to sleep and open my laptop to do as much as  I can for a deadline I have coming up… but I can’t concentrate.

You see, today, Halwest (see #HelpHalwest) has chemotherapy in Nanakali Hospital, his situation doesn’t seem to improve too much, and still Reem’s third degree burn and travel for medical reasons is pending, I still have money to take for the kids in Banaman village- an envelope that is going empty, I don’t know what to see to the widow of four/five kids….

I am trying to smile, in fact I have every reason to smile… although, my dearest in this part of the world you carry with you not only your pains but the pains of everyone you see and hear about… and that’s one heavy load of pain for a little and petite Sazo…

On a brighter note the youth at Erbil Shapers are underway with the campaign to #CleanAndColorHawler and that makes me smile, a little.

I keep reminding myself there is always hope, there are always smiles, there are always wonderful people…

Lots of love from

My Nest in Kurdistan,


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