Gooooooood news!!!! :)

A while back I asked on social media for donations. I do that quiet often actually!!

There are always angels out there who reach out and change people’s lives. Amidst all the news that I see and hear thats the only thing that still keeps my hopes high about the future.

Anyhow, I am a little too excited to share with you the good news.

Remember we collected donations for a widowed mother to send her kids to school? The high school is out of the village and the young boys were going with random drivers on the streets, sometimes they would be scared or the weather wasn’t good so they didn’t even go to school. As for the daughter, a few days before school began the mother had decided not to send her, because she couldn’t afford the bus fee.

Fast forward to the end of the school year, and long story short some AMAZING people donated, the kids all went to school in buses and cars, and yesterday the mother sent me their certificates, they have passed!!!!!

I want to send a virtual hug and a HUGE thank you to every single person who donated for the past year to put the kids through school. It means the world!!!!  And here I share with you their certificates. We are waiting for one of the girls now, most likely she will receive hers tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

These kids lost their father, their mother raises the five kids alone, she can easily drop them off school and send them to traffic lights or let them beg, but because she chooses not to, I feel we can all help until these kids grow older to rely on themselves.

I will ask you all to once again dig into your pockets at the beginning of the next academic year to ensure the kids have school transport. That’s all we are asking for, a payment for a vehicle to take them to and from school. Everything else, the mother somehow manages…

I have a dream to one day open an amazing school, best quality education but also a school that teaches life skills, that allows for critical thinking and self discovery. I will make sure the most vulnerable children graduate from there… one day, someday.

The only way we can change an individual, a family and a society for better is by education, quality education!

lots of love from

My Nest in Kurdistan



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  1. Wonderful news. Congratulations to the children on their excellent grades. How do we donate to help? Bless you for raising this issue xxx


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