60 glasses of tea

I love art. I love tea, and I love Kurdish culture. Oh wait, and I also love wonderful, loving, caring, amazing people. When all these come together my heart skips beats and gets a little too excited. For four days, from July 4-8, all these are coming together to meet you in one of the historical places of my beautiful city. The very amazing Lone Bendixen Goulani, and my talented and also amazing friend, Asuda Rwandzi, have a shared exhibition at a place that holds MANY memories in my heart: Sjni Mahata (the Mahata prison).

No, not for what you think. But for four years, during my time in UKH, almost everyday I would look through a window over to Sjni Mahata. I always wondered of the stories behind those walls and I’d occasionally observe the inmates when they were out in the court or during their visiting hours in the verandah area. I had a birds-eye-view. For the first time the place is being used as an art gallery. How great that these two women are officially opening it with their art work reflecting Kurdish culture.


“60 Glasses of Tea – An Art Exhibition Inspired by Kurdistan
The old atmospheric Mahata Prison was initially built as a railway station. Now, Shanidar Art Expo is turning this historical location into a gallery starting with an exhibition prepared by Lone Bendixen Goulani and Asuda Rwandzi.
In this art exhibition, both women are drawing on the inspiration and colours of Kurdistan, the mosaics of the mosques, the glittering dresses in the bazar, the patterns of the Kurdish carpets, favourite places around the region, and the people that play a role in their lives. The exhibition is called 60 Glasses of Tea as each of the 60 pieces of work is like a glass of tea served to enjoy in the humble setting of an old prison.
Lone Bendixen Goulani has a degree in Modern Culture and Cultural Communication from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. The local artist, Asuda Rwandzi, is educated from the Fine Arts college in Erbil, Kurdistan.
All proceeds will contribute to SEED’s psychological counselling services for Yezidi women to support them recovering from torture, rape and sexual slavery. Read more about SEED’s work on http://www.seedkurdistan.org

For those in and around Hawler please visit, support Kurdish women and their art!

See you at Sjni Mahata 🙂

Lots of love from

My Nest in Kurdistan,



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