Seven university lessons

Last night when I should have been working on my confirmation paper corrections, I ended up logging into Facebook instead. To my surprise a memory popped up: My photo of graduation day, seven years ago yesterday! Wow! Seven years since I graduated. It doesn’t seem like a lot has changed since I am still chasing deadlines attempting to write papers that make some sort of sense to three professors.

Any how, I thought it’s a nice little occasion for me write seven things I have learned about university life. In the hope that you, dearest younger reader, can take some of these onboard.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 10.15.18 PM.png
yes, that’s me seven years ago, on my graduation day.
  1. The friends you make in uni can become life long friendships, they become siblings and soul mates. Don’t let the little things of day-to-day uni life get between you.
  2. You’re not the same person you came into university when you leave. It is, after all, a learning journey and lots of self discovery on the way
  3. It’s true when we say real learning experiences come after graduation, but if you go to the right institution, every experience within and outside the university walls is a lesson. The good, the bad, and the very bad.
  4. Take part in every activity, every picnic and take every opportunity that comes your way. I regret every single picnic I passed because of a deadline. Mind you, I did go to most of them! It takes one very difficult module and a hefty deadline for me to pass on manjals of Dolma from Slemani, Hawler and Kirkuk.
  5. You will love some of your courses, and you will probably feel like strangling the heart of other courses–as if they were a living creature. That’s the entire point, in the end you will know where your passions are.
  6.  Be who you are. Don’t try to please people, wear what you’re comfortable in. And yes, wear the same shoes five times a week and repeat the same top three times a week. Who cares?!
  7. What you do in university may not necessarily reflect what you will do after uni. However, so often, something happens during your university life that will lead you to a certain direction, or . I do not practice in the field that I graduated from. But in my first year of university I became involved in peer education, and it has become my career, my field of interest and a big part of my life now.

Lots of love from

My Nest in Kurdistan



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