A gift from Kurdistan

Dear reader (Hi Lesley & Hedi)

Today I’m happy, like really, really happy!!

If you’ve read my posts from long, long ago I desperately cried for someone to open a reputable Kurdish souvenir shop, I even wished for it. It is something we lacked here. You see, I am a very sentimental person (I have a Starbucks cardboard cup warmer from 2012 with scribbles of a train journey from Nottingham to London, to that extent!!), I never come back from any new city I visit without some sort of souvenir (Eiffel Tower, Burj Khalida, Pyramids, Edinburgh Castle etc.). However, other than bags, klash, tasbih and carpets there has never been a souvenir that I would like to pass to my foreign friends.


I was in the kids train at Family Mall with my 20-month-old son choo-chooing along, when we got off my partner said I need to follow him. “I think you will love this, I am surprised you haven’t mentioned it yet,” hmmm, couldn’t guess what could be so interesting. I know Family Mall inside out.


Less than a minute later I saw myself in a dream shop. So little, but a little wonderland for Kurdistan lovers and owners of sentimental hearts.. and lovers of little cute things. I looked like that person in an open buffet dinner trying to fill their plate(s) like a mountain fearing that the food will run out. I looked exactly like that; wanting to buy every little thing I liked.

T-shirts, teddy bears, cute fridge magnets (like realllllly cute), makeup bags, caps, they have it all- with good packaging and everything. Customer service is also great, a lovely young man and woman work there. Yes, I fell in love.

From now on, before every trip and for special gifts no more running around here and there desperately trying to find something. I have one reason to visit Family Mall, and that’s to drop by to the Dyari Kurdistan shop. I hope they continue to improve, bring better quality goods, allow local designers to deigns and produce some of their products, expand to allow them to sell cheaper, and hopefully start Making in Kurdistan too. For the time being, I applaud whoever it is behind this lovely little idea. You’ve done Kurdistan a favour.

These two new friends need names… 

P.S. I am also happy (really, really happy) because I have had people knocking at my door most of the day dropping off donations. My phone has been ringing with donations, and a lovely person might sponsor our ToT in August 😀 I genuinely love all these people who somehow make an appearance in my life.

Lots of love from

My Nest in Kurdistan

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  1. This is brilliant, thank you soooo much. i am headed there before I leave on Thursday night/Friday morning to stock up and have a look around.


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