Y-Peer training course in Hawler

Dearest reader,

If you have read my blog posts from way back in the day (good old times) you will know my passion and love for peer education. It all started eight years ago, when someone recommended my name for a training. That single training changed my life. I am not exaggerating. The friends I have, the life I live, the lessons I picked up, the career I later chose and even the research I am in the process of doing is all a result of that one single first workshop training I did.

Eight years later. It is time. My lovely friends and peer educators, Rasti Brimo and Huda Sarhang alongside myself and the support of lovely sponsors we are able to train new peer educators in Hawler.


The idea is in five days of fun activities and workshop sessions we hope to create new peer educators who can give back to the community by hosting their own sessions in schools, universities and NGOs (if they wish). We will also link them to NGOs where they can do this.

If you come and take part maybe then you will understand why I am so passionate about this program, and why my wish is to incorporate this into our school curriculums. There are a few special girls to my heart who will attend. I hope we can give back to them as much as they have given to me in the past nine years of my life, when I first met them.

Location: University of Kurdistan Hewler’s American Corner

Times: 9 am (8:45 am KURDISH TIME) to 4 pm.

Date: 6-10 August
How to apply: Send an email to ypeer_hawler@hotmail.com and tell us why you want to take part. Please include your name, age and phone number as well.

Here is a video of our Slemani training course, undertaken before I even became a mother, it will give you an idea of how the five days will be like. When I see so many of these individuals on Facebook doing activities, sessions and peer education work for other youth my heart smiles and I feel so proud. I hope by the end of August the girls of Hawler can do something similar too.

With Huda and Rasti, I promise you a wonderful time!

Lots of love to

My Nest in Kurdistan


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