My #KurdistanReferendum Diary – 8 days

17 September 2017. 8:24 pm. Home, Erbil- watching live referendum rally in Washington 

Hi, me again!

I had a busy day. But managed to put together a meal, and had a dear family at our place to share the meal with. I didn’t have the car today, so couldn’t do much. You see, everything is left for after referendum. Buying a car, registering at the gym, applying for a master’s in UKH etc. One of the friends we had over today is a manager of a section in a bank. She let us know that some of their big plans are on hold for after the referendum. I guess it’s general uncertainty.

The uncertainty aside, what I am certain about is something one of my friends always posts: A kurds heart always beats Yes for Kurdistan. My mother-in-law has been preparing since last night for a rally abroad. She travelled the long distance a few hours before it even began. We got videos, selfies and even a live video call. I haven’t seen her this content in a long time.

a woman who escaped this country with her husband when her son was less than 24 months old. Went through the most difficult experiences to find refuge in exile in the early  1980s. Her uncle, a Kurd, was killed because he swore at the Baath regime. She is tearful in all the photos send today. tears of joy!

That made my day.

I also walked to the corner shop today. I don’t usually walk to many places here. But I decided to walk. I saw new flags put up that weren’t there last night. Huge ones. Flags draping from all incomplete builds. Buildings and construction sites that paused when Daesh made an appearance. I must admit I am loving this sentiment of loyalty, belonging and a nation’s dream is coming true…

Tomorrow we will be one week away from the big day. It feels like a wedding countdown. In one week Kurdistan will have its wedding. No, in fact it’s a divorce. I once saw on a show there are people who have parties after their divorce. Maybe this feels like one of those, not that I have ever been to one.

Lots of love from

My Nest in Kurdistan

Sazan- still dreaming, no fears but uncertainty and anxious. Very anxious.

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