A decade of loyalty…

Dear loyal reader, and only one loyal reader!

Yes, this post is written for one person only.

You know, that someone in your life (might be more than one person too) who is always there, but you don’t meet often. That someone who you can always phone, text or email and you can rely on them? The person who senses your blue feelings just by your Facebook status and that only someone who always, always reads your blog posts…and comments too!

I love the people in my life. I love them dearly, and A LOT too. But there are people who you know no matter what comes your way, how paths change or what direction you take next they’ll always stay the same. The same kind heart, the same lovely smile, the same warm hug… these people are gems.

I met Lesley in the UKH library in 2007. That’s ten years ago. I don’t remember how we met or what we spoke about. Maybe she helped me find a book, or I expressed my admiration for the plants in her office, or maybe she just smiled, I smiled back and we became friends. Whatever it was, however it was, I am one lucky person to have met her.

She always made life easy. Always. If the answer was a “No!” She would smile, place her palms on her cheeks, say no so politely that it felt like squirting honey on your heart (the No’s were probably about not being allowed to take certain books out). Everything else has a solution, and she is the type that would go the extra mile to make your life easy, much easier.

I gave her hugs when I did well in an exam, and I probably got hugs when I was emotionally drained and stressed. Seeing Lesley through her glass office in the library made that place warmer, and a real treat to be in.

For my number one blog reader, my constant Facebook support and lifelong friend… I love you, and I just want to thank you. Thank you for showing us that there are real, genuine, lovely people with great hearts. Because that’s what you are.


Happy ten year anniversary in Kurdistan, my dearest.

Lots of love from

My nest and your nest in Kurdistan


*I don’t share a photo of Lesley in this post on purpose, because I have known her long enough to realize photos  of herself aren’t her best friends. 

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