28 years later…

Loyal reader,

It has become a tradition on this blog that during my birthday I write a blog post, like here and here and this one from many years back. This year on the days leading to my birthday I kept opening my laptop to write, but out of the blue little things would pop up. Anyhowwww, here I am 28 years and 11 days since the day I opened my eyes into this world writing to you…

The week of my birthday started with my lovely parents doing something that I appreciate so much. The evening of my 28th I was surprised by my partner (who happened to be out of the country), the following day I travelled to Duhok for a Y-Peer training camp. On that evening Huda, her partner and sister walked into my hotel room with cake and candles. It was beautiful in every way- intimate, quiet, calm and just full of love. I also received messages, notes and even photos from dear ones who mean the world to me.

28 years later, what have a I learned? The key to life, happiness, success, mental wellbeing, pure relaxation of the mind is one thing: Healthy relationships! If you had to ask me what life has taught me till now, and what is the one important thing to you that’s exactly what I would reply. Of course, shelter, food, water are on top of the list… but so are people!

Healthy relationship whether it’s a husband, wife, partner, parents, siblings, best friends, anyone. Being surrounded by love, feeling there are always people (or someone) to hold your hand when you need, to cry in front of or just to be there when you feel like throwing yourself off the edge of a cliff… and to share your happy moments with, people who are genuinely happy for your happiness and who genuinely want to help when they see you down…

Healthy relationships go through rough patches, there are misunderstandings, maybe even arguments but that’s how you know they are healthy. Those little things will never get in the way of the ongoing love, support, motivation and friendship…

In this day and age we often feel we have so many friends, yet when it comes down to those dull days you can probably count on one hand who notices, who gives you a call and who actually comes to give you a hug… it’s those people who matter.

The greatest gift if my life are the people in it. Sadly, I am not constantly in touch with so many, but those who are directly part of my life you are a blessing, your what my life revolves around and it is you who make everyday of my living worth living….

Much love from a 28-year-old me

from My Nest in Kurdistan


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