2017 and 2018 Q&A

The last day of the year!!

WOW!! and Phew!!

The year in three words

Stressful, emotional and very political. Though with a few personal matters arising I did (at some point) step back a little when I needed to.

Best Dates

In the toughest days of the year where the country was going through the most difficult times I found myself with one of the most life changing dates, September it was.

A memory never to forget 

The evening I knew this little family was going to have a new member. Flood of tears and emotions.

The bright side 

Watched friends make their dreams a reality, confront challenges and achieve their goals. Was also part of a few very special occasions in the lives of my dearest ones.


Reaching the confirmation stage of my research on 1st of December was a true dream with all the pressure I was going through. Making it to that day was beyond amazing.

Something new I tried

I love listening to TED talks. I always have. But this year some bloggers I follow had podcasts, and somehow I got into the world of Podcast. I fell in love. So when I am cleaning, tidying, cooking or driving to places I find that I listen to selected Podcasts that really do touch my life…

The worst day?

One particular night where we were watching TV knowing war was at out doorstep, seeing people flee their homes… and the night of the earth quake. I ran down the building’s emergency stairs from many storeys up with a toddler in arms while in early  the stages of my first trimester- I genuinely thought we were gone, or the least the child I was yet to meet was gone. I literally shivered for an entire week afterwards.


Goals reached?

I made an effort this year to use social media less. I have reached a point where I am not just using it less, but barely making any use which means it has caused some misunderstanding amongst some as I don’t reply messages, see inboxes and notifications as often. So an attempt to use it in moderation has changed to little use of social media. I feel I am living moments more. It feels so free…

In 2018 looking forward to….? 

Meeting my son’s sibling and watching my partner complete a challenging chapter he began last year…

Something new I will try

I would have said to travel somewhere, but knowing my circumstances (not having an airport doesn’t help here either) this will need to be postponed. I hope to expand on my kitchen discoveries– those who know me will laugh. I know.

Photo: Pinterest, westfurniturerevival.blogspot.com

Something I want to change, goals… 

I focussed a lot on me last year (still doesn’t feel comfortable to refer to 2017 as last year, it was only yesterday) and I loved it. Didn’t fully reach where I wanted to, but I attempted to give my comfort first in many decisions I had to take. I have come to realise my comfort and happiness reflects a lot in my own family. I took some huge decisions which I wouldn’t have otherwise done so if it wasn’t part of my year’s goals to focus on my happiness and wellbeing first. Still a long way to go. So this will remain.

I hope to make great progress in my research, I know it won’t be easy. Also, give more time to those dearest to me. I find a lot of comfort in being surrounded by people I love, admire and respect. Individuals who become family. In fact we both do, I will endeavour to keep those relationships and meet more with those I love but don’t see as often as I would like to.

For as long as I remember I have said I want to be more physically active. I have come to terms with the fact that the gym and I will never get along so more long walks for me, and yoga. I can be so lazy when it comes to physical exercise.

Eat healthier. Try.

Put together a vision board. I have been wanting to do this for this long, this will be the year.

I also hope to blog more often, because I love doing it, but I often fail to give this space the priority it sometimes requires…

Wishing you a very happy new year and thank you for reading, supporting and loving My Nest in Kurdistan



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