A Thursday Thought- on a Tuesday!

Loyal reader,

It’s raining. It smells like rain. The past week has been a blessing sent to us from the sky with almost nonstop raindrops—I feel like we are given a big hug while being told things aren’t that bad. You know, I probably don’t need to tell you but things are… not perfect these days.

I’ve been busy. Really busy. I feel like a bear preparing for hibernation- getting all my things together, trying to organize everything and anything I can before walking into a cave for the next few months.

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 22.46.23.png

I wasn’t going to write anything negative. In between this craziness I have continued my readings here and there on the law of attraction, mindfulness, and positive thinking. At any one point, you can walk into our kitchen at home and you’d hear a talk in the background about the law of attraction while I try to put together a somewhat decent meal. We are engrossed in so much negativity I feel if we don’t make the extra effort to teach our minds how to deal with this, then this negative energy around us will eat us. Before we know it, we too, will throw around negative arrows everywhere we go and to every person we meet.

What was it that I came here to write about?

Oh. Yes.

I have a good handful of friends–who if I say so myself–are successful. While every person I know is successful in their own unique ways, these individuals are of a different kind. Their work is more ‘out there.’ Success hasn’t just knocked at their door. They are passionate, self-motivated, hard-working and girls who really do push their limits every single day. They are where they stand today as a result of tears, sweat, and sleepless nights.

When their work is displayed publicly they are sometimes attacked and let down in ways which hurt… a sentence here and a sentence there from a careless, heartless someone who doesn’t even personally know the person they are attacking publicly is the peak of rudeness. At least in my opinion.

Why would you sit behind your laptop or on your phone and just insult girls? Girls who are working hard, girls who have little–or big– dreams and they’re working towards it. Why would you put people down publicly? My group of friends, with time, have grown a thick skin against this. But I know it hurts them, even in the slightest way. My fear is not them, my fear is that this may be the reason why so many great and talented Kurdish girls remain behind walls and doors too scared to take a small step into the outside world–standing in the way of their passions and dreams is this fear of society. Fear of talk. Fear of people.

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 22.49.39

Humans can be so cruel when it comes to the words that come out of their mouth, in particular on social media. Sitting around on your phone criticising anything you can about other people and their accomplishments speak a million pages about your state of mind and emotional needs. Putting someone down will never lift you up. Ever.

Love from

My Nest in Kurdistan


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