There is a first time for everything…

Hi loyal readers– I was just thinking how the journey of this blog has reflected every aspect of my life in the past decade. From a headless chicken running around here and there to a grown adult and a mother of two! Yes, TWO!!

Yesterday I was invited to two events. I definitely couldn’t make it to one, because there was no way I could take the kids. I decided I would go to the seminar on Montessori’s school of thought… and take both kids with me. Gulp.

While my brother was with the eldest, little Lulu and I took the front seat by the door of the seminar room. As confident as I attempted to be, inside me, I knew I was nervous to say the least. You could feel a pin drop in the small room, let alone a baby’s cries.

Dr. Wali Omer is one of those people who works with passion- the type of person that links everything he says to a TED talk or a book. “Take your phone out. Search this book on amazon.” He says to me numerous times during our encounter. He and a friend have opened a daycare inspired by Montessori. In the same location he voluntarily undertakes a weekly seminar for four weeks, totalling to 12 hours.

I was very interested in the content of the seminar and asked to join through my very lovely friend, Eman. She spoke so passionately about both Dr. Wali and his mini Montessori course.


Back to the reason why I am blogging this. I decided to take in my Lulu who’s 77 days old- As weird as I felt about it. But you see, my dearest, sometimes as a woman you just have to do what you want to do. I really wanted to take part. And in my life I have always taken part in almost every single seminar, training or a workshop that has come my way. For the past three years I have said “No” to so many of these events. A “no” that has come without a second thought.

I have had many ‘first times’ in my life. But this one I will never forget. In my late teens and early twenties I would bounce from seminar to seminar, workshop to workshop everything from youth issues to women’s rights and politics. In universities, in other countries, on mountain tops, in posh hotels- I floated around all these events. As light as a feather, just me, myself and a little shoulder bag that always housed a notebook and a few pens (more like a dozen).

Yesterday, I had a HUGE bag. Five nappies, changing mat, towel, change clothes, muslin cloth (two), water wipes, bib, and a bunch of other things. I took in a car seat too, and if all this wasn’t enough… wait for it… two kids!! I had everything except a little shoulder bag which housed a notepad and a few pens.

Notepad? You’ve got to be kidding!!

We went. I entered. She did her poo-poo before I had a chance to say hello. Good thing I came early, I thought myself. I washed her, changed her, just as I do at home. I went back in. I sat. Took it easy. People started arriving; no idea what they thought. To be honest, I didn’t really care what they thought. As long as my Lulu wasn’t preventing anyone from learning.

She cried. I left the room and fed her. I came back. Listened. She made a bit of a fuss. I stood up from my seat and moved a little, lifting my weight from one leg to the other, swaying side to side. She slept. I sat. She woke up. I placed her in the car seat. I rocked her back and forth with my feet. I listened to the talk.

I remember yesterday I felt so proud. Proud of the professor who smiled and said “yes! bring both of your kids!” Proud of the attendees who didn’t give me a stare or show gestures of annoyance. Proud of myself for coming and enjoying this three-hour talk on a topic that I am so passionate about.

I did leave early. Both kids got tired and I didn’t want to push it. But I will go again next week, if I don’t have anyone to look after my angels, I will once again take them both… because while life does slow down after two kids, it should never stop.

I came home last night a little tired but proud.

I looked through my phone at some blurry slide photos I had taken earlier. In them were names of books I want to read, theories I want to research more on, video titles to watch, and of course TED talks I want to listen to.

Before. I had a notebook full of writing to look back on. Now, blurry photos that I somehow managed to take with one had while swaying a baby with both hands. I smiled thinking to myself: if I stayed home I would have missed out on all this.

If anyone wants to take part in this Montessori seminar series (I think it comes with a certificate too). You can contact Dr. Wali, it’s free of charge, he does it voluntarily in his daycare just after PAR hospital. If you message him on Facebook, I am sure he will reply.

And that was my and Lulu’s first time in a seminar together. A memory I will always cherish.

Love from

My Nest in Kurdistan



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