Koshki Mndalan – Every parent’s wish hidden away in the heart of Hawler

If you are a parent, an aunt, an uncle, a grandparent, a person who has a neighbour with kids, or you just love buying kids gifts… and you haven’t heard of Koshki Mndalan then you’ve living on Mars (like I was. Shamefully).

It’s a wonderland for education fanatics. I don’t want to refer to Koshki Mndalan as a family businesses, because these days most businesses are all about making the dollars rain on you. This place is more like a huge family initiative where the mum, dad, daughter and son have their heart and soul into a project, I like to call these businesses with a soul!

I’ve always been against toys with buttons, you know, that really annoying sound toys make. Instead I love the wooden Montessori inspired materials for kids, I love books, and anything else that children can be creative with. Koshki Mndalan has exactly that, a little corner of Erbil, and probably the only corner, where the owner is a firm believer in educational materials for kids’ enjoyment.

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I was introduced to the Kurdish, English and Arabic books, so many activities (I must add with reasonable prices) families can play together, puzzles and above all a play area for children in the basement. Here a handful of lovely staff will look after your children for up to two hours while you go out for your coffee or run your daily errands.

It’s not just the idea I love about Koshki Mndalan, but I admired the owner. As she speaks about each and every material on the shelves of her fantasy world, now a reality, passion sparkles in her eyes. Mehroozh is one of those women who has dedicated her entire life children.

To see all the amazing educational material she has upset me a little too. When these are readily available in a 10 minute drive, no matter where you are in Erbil, then why don’t we find these in our classrooms, laboratories at school and in Kurdish households where the iPad is readily available.

Koshki Mndalan have also printed their very own Kurdish letters/colours/ numbers flashcards. I have stacks of English alphabet flashcards, little did I know they are also available in Kurdish. Such a treasure!! I bought two packets!

So, if your child or a child you know has a birthday or you want to spoil a special someone then drop by to Koshki Mndalan. It is located on the 60 meter road next to the first TODAY restaurant, near the Akar petrol station. You won’t regret it, trust me. Also, don’t hesitate to meet Mehroozh who will happily take you on a tour explaining each and every activity.

Also, Koshki Mndalan, will open an amazing new venture in Dream City- Erbil, something to be excited about; meanwhile you can follow them on Instagram right here 

Lots of love from

My Nest in Kurdistan


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