Life is good

I’m a happy bunny.

The clouds have arrived, drips of rain here and there and I am in my land of happiness and smiles. I had coffee with friends, OUTSIDE the house! I keep bumping into people I love and admire, even if it is just a five minute conversation while on our feet- it gives me a love for life; I had a ‘green detox drink’ in one of my favourite places in Hawler yesterday evening, in the presence of two super women, and so I walked out feeling cleansed from every little bit of negativity in me; I got two signed books from two authors, local authors from this country. Also, my son is settled at a school that I actually like (care to know me? just let me know!).

Life is good. Aside from the teething baby, me chasing the clock’s long hand, politics in this country being a mess, and a huge turn in my field work that can potentially lead to a good old delay in my research. But my friend, life is good.

How does it feel to read those three words? Life. Is. Good.

You haven’t heard those words in a long time, have you?

Life is good my friend, life is good.

Repeat it to yourself, repeat it to those around you, write it here and type it there. Tweet it and make it your status. Throw around the rose petals that spell life is good. Maybe that’s The Secret…



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