My very own earrings…

You didn’t see that title coming, did you?

You know, everything handmade has a character, personality and soul of its own. You’re laughing aren’t you? I’m serious. The object, with a soul, has a character of its own and with no doubt little particles of the creator’s love, passion, enthusiasm, energy, and thoughts are also in it.

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 10.58.35.png
Dali Designs

What happens when I wear that piece of something special handmade by someone special? I receive back all that energy. And trust me we all want energy from artists and creative people brushed onto us; they live in their own bubble on cloud 9. Those little particles of love, passion, and enthusiasm create this magical chemical reaction with my own energies and ta-ta you have a happy Sazan! (now, if I was smarter in chemistry I’m sure I would’ve put in a few technical terms and this would have made alot more sense. Unfortunately I’m not, but we can pretend you understood the soul-positive-energy-reaction that happens when one person’s handmade object is worn by another).

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 11.00.34.png
Dali Designs

Dali Designs, who launched her first piece of jewellery on December 7, 2017 has become a leading Kurdistani jewellery designer- in less than a year! She creates her jewellery pieces with a window view shaded in droplets of rain; the trees behind it is seen through a rainbow, listening to music of the soul while residing far from her homeland. Although a little bit of homeland is embedded in every piece she designs. Her pieces speak of purity, of a love for the Nest in Kurdistan, of passion and strength of women; they speak stories… and fairytales.

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 10.59.25.png
Jewellery pieces created by Dali Designs has Kurdistan in its heart…

In her Dali Designs Instagram feed I came across two red earrings she says are inspired by Shadan and Sazan. Wait, can we take a pause here and realise that in this world someone created a pair of earrings inspired by ME!! This makes me feel so so so especial, and I have already saved a pair for my daughter when she is older (the motherly side of me is hoping a 16 year old girl, in the next two decades will appreciate a pair of earrings created in honour of her mother).

Darya’s appealing vivacity, glamour and pure simplicity is crystal clear in every piece her hands create.

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 11.00.17.png
One of my favourite pieces are the Tasbeeh bracelets.

So not only am I humbled and feeling very embarrassed (and super special) that I have earrings inspired by me, but I couldn’t resist googling what the red symbolised in these earrings. Yes, the Sazan earrings have a red crystal that drop down, almost like a drop of rain. Darya explains that these are very similar to that of her grandmother’s, it turns out that the shape of these drops are popular among older Slemani women in particular.

In the world of jewellery and crystals red symbolises “passion, energy and life. They will motivate and keep you determined. They can be emotionally intense [of course! It’s Sazan!] but they will excite you, give you a boost of energy and raise your enthusiasm levels.”

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 10.58.09.png
Shadan and Sazan earrings, by Dali Designs (the drop down one is Sazan!)

“Red Crystals are some of the most beautiful, loving, supportive and warmest crystals that you can encounter. They have always been associated with love, passion, romance, warmth and heat. Red crystals are a strong symbolism of life and physical vitality. They symbolise your devotion to the people you love and increase your drive to achieve your goals, infusing you with energy.”

“Wear red crystals when you want to tell the world that you are someone bold, strong, passionate and dynamic. Such a confident booster!”

Made with love abroad and sent to the Nest, Dali Designs, is another Kurdish woman chasing a dream while along the way inspiring and uplifting every woman who comes across the brand.

Now, where are those red Sazan earrings? I am in dire need of energy- both from the red crystal and of course the designer herself.

You can order your Dali Design Sazan earrings on Instagram by sending a direct message (just click here). The packaging is so admirable, that I never have the heart to bin it, so it sits on my desk… just like these Insta stories of mine:



Lots of love from

My Nest in Kurdistan



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