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In the past two years an incredible number of young girls have taken up online platforms to show-case their talent. I love the content some of these girls present, each touchs me in her own unique way, and I am forever proud of the hard work they put into producing useful content, often without financial returns.

It is 24-year-old Peleen from Duhok who tickles my belly with colourful, mouth-watering photos of food through little squares on my phone. With Peleen’s posts it is not a “look which restaurant I’m sitting in and what I am eating,” type of account. No, her Instagram posts are little square inspirations of “I want to go to the kitchen and feed my soul.” They’re a boost of energy for a healthier lifestyle and inspiration, not from the other side of the world but from the heart of Duhok, in Kurdistan!

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Photo from Peleen’s Instagram @PeleenLifestyle


Peleen’s love for a healthy lifestyle is clear in every photo she posts and her Insta-stories are like healthy sugar. It is incredible to know the background to Peleen’s journey leading her to be inspiring people at their fingertips, on their mobile devices.

I couldn’t make it to Duhok to meet Peleen in person, as much as I would love to. Some people, even if its through little square photos, their personality shines through and I fall in love with who they are. Here Peleen replies to a few of my question. Until we meet face to face, I want to share the replies of this very passionate young woman.

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Tell me a little bit about Peleen before Peleen’s Lifestyle on Instagram

About three years ago I felt like I’ve hit the bottom, because I stopped taking care of my overall health, exercising, eating healthy and my mental health. Due to that I got very depressed. There was a time when I didn’t want to wake up in the morning, I couldn’t feel comfortable being around people, whenever I saw someone living their life and being sort of happy, I would want to cry with no reason these are signs of depression.  I hated feeling that way, I wanted to change and simply be happy, I didn’t know how to be ironically.

I did lots of research and looked for ways to happiness, I came across one video on YouTube that was about law of attraction (LOA), it basically said “what you give you’ll receive. If you do not love yourself, don’t expect the universe to love to give you what you want.” This really got me thinking I have not been doing any of that the right way, and I thought what have I done for myself so far: Nothing! I’m eating bad! I’m around bad people with bad energy  and lots of “Negativity.” I neglected my body health! So I started to fix what’s causing all these things, I ate healthier, got rid of toxic people, started working out again every single day for at least 2 hours with cardio, and after six months I felt incredible!

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What made you start this online platform?

I started feeling actual happiness and good on my own skin, these things made me feel complete by myself, so people started to notice the difference, telling me how did I manage to lose weight and be optimistic all the time. People around me didn’t know what was happening behind the scenes, so I explained what I was doing, after some time I decided to share everything I’ve learned during my journey to happiness; what works and what’s just a myth. I do not like diets and starvation techniques, so I always try my best to show to everyone that you can eat good tasting food and still be healthy.

Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 09.52.20

Tell me a little about your mini Insta shop?

For my small business that I have which is selling organic protein bars, it all started when I felt weak during workouts and couldn’t get through rough exercises. I searched for supplements and protein bars for women there wasn’t anything that I could trust completely.  I found a few brands but their shipping cost was more than the product itself, so it got me thinking that I should make my own protein from nature. Nature is always a better alternative, that’s when I tried many things, once I got the perfect good tasting protein bar I thought I should sell it to those who don’t want to eat supplements as well. Because these home-made proteins bars helped me during my workouts, they may help many others, so I started selling them online to my followers, at first to Duhok and around but now I’m making it reach everywhere in Kurdistan.

Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 09.51.39

What made you start something that may not be as popular in your culture?

I’m someone who has always dreamt big and trying to do the impossible, and this was the perfect way for me to do it .

One thing I’ve learnt during this time on this platform, hard work will pay off. People are paying attention and feeling my passion through what I make and what I post.

Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 09.51.14

How do people react to what you do?

People’s reactions  are mostly positive and encouraging. I’ve known some people that I would never have known if I didn’t start this page. I get countless messages from Kurds everywhere saying they feel proud, this makes me very happy and keeps going forward.

My family, at first didn’t take what I do seriously and some made fun of it in a way, but It didn’t make me stop, it made me stronger, but I think now everyone knows I’m determined and for me it’s much more than wasting time on social media.

Who would have known there is such a special story behind Peleen’s Instagram page. I’m so proud and can’t wait to see her grow sell her protein bars in every gym in Kurdistan. Here is to women who inspire others!

Show Peleen some organic love click here for her Instagram page and send a direct message to order your Protein Bars… if you wish!

Lots of love from

My Nest in Kurdistan


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