Hello Loyal reader (s)

I often disappear out of this blog for a while, and then make an appearance with a few consecutive posts. Typical Sazan style. As I am snuffling, sitting on a cloud of tissues and coughing my tonsils out, spraying bacteria into the air like birthday confetti I thought I will update you a little, and bring you into my world- not that you’re really interested.

Autumn is my season, October is my month and this part of year brings out the best of me. It also just came to my mind in two months time I turn 30! As the autumn leaves pickup their tones of yellow and orange, and gently fall off branches, so does the last days in my 20s.

Everything in this photo is perfect, in my element, three years ago, UK. 

Is it just me who can’t wait to sink into a cosy sofa, snuggle in a blanket, wear furry sox, read books and sip on coffee? Although, I still haven’t thought out how this will be possible with a toddler and a four-year-old.

On the talk of a four-year-old, the falling of autumn leaves, four years ago, was a rebirth in my life, as I gave birth to my first child. I am always emotional on the days leading to his birthday, because reflecting on the previous years of my life pregnancy and birth have been my biggest achievements.

As I wait for the crunch sound of autumn leaves, as I snuggle into boots and go on long walks (I envy all of you living in the UK this time of year), as I blow a birthday candle with my son, and as I observe a new grey hair before I blow my own candle, I want this time of year to slow down. I want to light a candle (La-la of course), read books and enjoy coffee and deep conversations with all the people who inspire me, who push me to be better, who motivate me and bring the best of me.

I have a number of blog posts lined up for this month, so get your warm drinks ready….

Love, from My Nest in Kurdistan



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