A splash of orange…

As a woman with a pen, whose wings were not clipped, it’s an obligation to speak for those with clipped wings, whose pens were stolen and those who drowned in their own tears.

Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at 21.36.15
Illustration by Raz Xaidan https://www.instagram.com/thedarlingbeast/

So long as I know a woman who is in pain, the plight of women will not end.

So long as a woman remains in a shattered marriage to maintain custody of her children, our system is broken.

So long as a 17-year-old is being sexually abused by her brother and afraid to dial a number for help, we have failed.

So long as a woman stays in a job where she is prone to sexual assault, we have not done enough.

So long as a boy, somewhere, threatens a woman via a communication device, we are not doing enough.

So long as a single girl on this land is forbidden to sit in a classroom, we have failed in the eyes of our children.

So long as a mother is being spat on, hit, and yelled at in the presence of her children, we have bruised an innocent heart for life.

So long as a rapist of a 14-year-old is sitting watching inauguration of Orange the World in the comfort of his home, we have a patch of shame on our foreheads.

So long as women are obliged to dress in ways, they deem inappropriate, to maintain their jobs, as a society we have deceased.

So long as prostitution circles exist, we are responsible for every dot of blood.

So long as there is a girl hiding blue marks with foundation before going to school, we can’t prove our victories.

So long as there is a single girl who marries without her wholehearted consent, we are committing a crime.

So long as an innocent woman sits behind bars, in a shelter, or is hidden somewhere in fear of her life, in the name of honour, we still need to splash the colour orange everywhere

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