Hello from the other side! The next decade, the next year, the next page, the next chapter, the next everything!

When we were young at school we asked one another “where do you want to be in 2020?” as if 2020 was the year where we bounced on pink clouds, achieved world peace and everyone had a genie in a bottle.

Screen Shot 2020-01-12 at 11.44.40.png
Photo: Rania, Captured by Harem Sewaisi 

Well my friend, here we are, sitting on 2020. World peace is a dream that we don’t even dream of in our sleep these days; we bounce on global warming, plastic and pollution. We still, in many ways, try to be as positive as we possibly can. Because it’s too easy to be negative!

For me, to a very large extent I am content with where I am, a few disappointments along the way, but feeling blessed, and somewhat positive. Being 30 with two kids, a degree in the making and some sort of career pathway forming, I am doing lots of juggling alongside stress management. My bucket list is still unchecked, my goals are still there to be ticked off and a few dreams are in the making- I think!

What was the best part of 2019? I listened to podcasts and audio books. I mastered the art of positive energy while driving the fast and furious roads of Erbil; I learned about the importance of sleep, while cooking half-decent meals in my kitchen; and I learned there is an art to control how we think while procrastinating on my laptop. It was a year of learning. Learning I wish had happened in my early twenties, but glad it happened at the closing of a decade.

I never imagined to raise two kids in 2020 in the Kurdistan Region. I didn’t think I will still be a student, that kind-of upsets me! And I certainly wouldn’t have believed it, if you told me, the region will still be in turmoil, conflict and uncertainty!

Here is to a happier, brighter, safer, better decade! I shall remain positive.

Love from

My Nest in Kurdistan



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