Kurds in the time of Corona

Hello, reader.

It’s me. Sazan, in the time of Corona. I can add this to the list of my life experiences in the first 60 days of 2020!

I’m a mother. So don’t blame me for measures and precautions. I have stocked up on two boxes (10 pieces in each) of masks, one litre of Dettol, two hand sanitisers and a few “99% killing germs” soaps for the kids (also, my own mother calls me to make sure I have washed my hands- forgetting I have just turned 30).

Photo from here

There are three actions us Kurds proceed to doing when crisis knocks at our door:

  1. We stock up on food. Because God forbid if one border closes the next day we will starve.
  2. We Fuel the car. Because in times of distress we run drive to the mountains. We all go back to our origins, a little town or village behind a mountain somewhere. This somewhere is probably the same as our last name!
  3. We. Think. Of. The. Extreme. and we sometimes exaggerate. Just a little bit.

Last night queue for petrol was hours long, you had to visit tens of pharmacies to finally get a few masks, hand sanitisers were sold out in most places and the government is yet to announce a single case of the virus within its jurisdiction.

I don’t blame the people.

With a history of instability, genocide, ethnic cleansing, rockets, bombs, poverty, mines still well nested somewhere behind rocks, and lack of trust in certain government sectors there is no reason to blame the public for taking extreme precaution measures. Oh, and well embedded in the subconscious mind of every Kurd is the idea that “Kurds have no friends but the mountains.”

Hence, a national panic attack.


Our past cannot be erased. Hence our extreme reactions. Our trust in the public sector is weak, hence taking our own precautions, instead of waiting for national action.

Wouldn’t be nice instead of the widespread panic and stress if our youth and peshmerga forces worked on preparing masks and disinfectants to distribute to households should the virus approach Kurdistani areas?

Having said this, we do love a bit gossip and rumours, don’t we?

Keep calm, wash your hands (basha daya?) and inshAllah this too, will pass…

Love from

My Nest in Kurdistan



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