If only it was also like Corona…

Hello in the time of Corona,

We are locked down and locked in.

You see, in the time of Corona everything is different in my part of the world. Social life is different. Cafe’s are different. Health care is different. Education is different. Awareness campaigns are different. We shop differently. Think differently. Talk differently. You get the point…

This make me wonder what if violence against women was also treated like Corona? What if every time a woman was abused, the entire global media discussed it. Experts talked. Families were interviewed. Causes were dissected. Cases were taken care of. Lawyers spoke. Judges were questioned.

What if on a global level we counted the number of daily sexual assaults against women and girls so publicly. Every single day. Just as we know at the back of our hand the number of Corona Virus cases, if we knew the number of sexual assaults each day.

What if smoking-related diseases were like Corona? Every time a person was diagnosed for any disease or illness as a result of smoking a massive media campaign was conducted. Health experts spoke. Patient’s health updates publicised. Cigarettes and Hookah (shisha?!) were forbidden on shelves.

What if our road deaths were like Corona. Every time a car accident killed someone the media shook us, made us fear our roads and made our mothers call 1, 000 times a day to make sure we drove safe, drove without our mobiles and made parents think a trillion times before gifting the latest Range Rover to their 19 year olds – just as, in the time of Corona, they fear sending kids out to public places and calling to make sure they wash their hands.

What if we spoke of the statistics related to environmental damage just as often as we spoke about Corona in our everyday conversations, social media platforms and 9 pm national news read? What if we knew the tonnes of plastic thrown into oceans each day, the number of sea creatures killed and in how many years we will drown in our own rubbish!

What if we spoke about the shortcomings of our healthcare system and education as seriously as we speak of Corona. What if all the seriousness of long term and short term plans taken for Corona were also taken for our education and healthcare systems. The dedication, the effort, the rapidness, the unity… the next generation will be living on cloud 9 if that happened!

If only every child killed in the world, every mother and every soldier, it also shook the world like the Corona numbers do. If only every person living in poverty was counted like Corona patients, if every child in the world going to school hungry was counted live on applications and news sites, if only every gun shot hurting a human being was documented like a Corona case…

I admire the measures taken against Corona, in particular that of the Kurdistan Regional Government I salute it! I am an advocate for it! I am proud of it! But you know why? Because it doesn’t know the difference between wealthy and the poor, it can eat you from the inside no matter who you are and no money can save you. Unlike the other issues which the world and the media so often turn a blind eye on…

One thing that I have learned in the time of Corona is that if we wanted to, we can address many important social and political issue- with unity, and dedication of everyone!

Lots of love from my little nest in Kurdistan


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