Meet Sazan

Sazan M. Mandalawi

Once upon a time, you know just over ten years ago, I came back to a place called home. And that, my friend, is where my journey began.

Very early in my life I was introduced to NGO work, that’s when I had growing interests in vulnerable women, youth, orphans, elderly people, women in prison as well as IDPs and now refugees. I live the stories of these people in my society, and this has formed a lot of who I am.

Education wise I studied Politics and International Relations, then did a masters in diplomacy though sometimes I wish I did sociology and social work instead. I am currently working on a bigger research in the field of Peer Education- my life passion!

Today I share my life with an amazing husband, a beautiful son and a supportive family (I think this is where I am supposed to insert the names of my pets, haha sorry, no pets in my life) I also have a circle of friends who are the world to me. I guess I love this place so much because it was here my path crossed with amazing young women who I learn from everyday.

I am 28, a mother and lots of interesting and exciting things (sometimes boring too) take place in my life. Here, on this blog, I share those experiences.

So come by when you can, get your pyala of chai, and enjoy. Baxer bey, sar sarw sar chaw!

Love from

My Nest in Kurdistan




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