Our book for May

Dearest Loyal Reader (s) - Hi Tazhan!!! 🙂 Sometimes life can get a little busy and we don't get a chance to meet people who we can just chit-chat with or share information and views with. I totally understand. And then there is the girls who love reading but somehow either don't get a chance to read books, aren't motivated or.. you know all the other excuses there are.

November book club

Dearest Loyal Blog Readers, This post comes a good week late. Sorry. But hey, we had our first Poppy Loves Book Club meeting in Kurdistan - Erbil, The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman was the title and what a discussion we had! We laughed. A. Lot. but some of the comments and thoughts brought... Continue Reading →

New book for November

Dear Loyal Blog Readers, November is super exciting since we have the very first Poppy Loves book club gathering. This month's book is The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman by Denis Theriault. Through my lovely brother MM, Poppy sent over some copies of this book that we are sharing among us before meeting on... Continue Reading →

From Erbil to Notting Hill

Dear Loyal Blog Readers, I love anything that allows young Kurdish woman to be part of activities and events. In particular reading; something very lousy in my part of the world (don't get me started on the bit where we don't even have proper book shops, you know the Waterstones type, nor a decent local... Continue Reading →

Book Club opening

Helloooooo Loyal ReadersI am so excited to finally announce.... are you ready??? Da-Da-Dada Poppy Loves book club in Kurdistan - Erbil ... a book club in Kurdistan. Sadly we are the last ones to have a brand new book in our book shops (there are only a few anyway with one billion year old dusty books)... Continue Reading →

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