Gooooooood news!!!! :)

A while back I asked on social media for donations. I do that quiet often actually!! There are always angels out there who reach out and change people's lives. Amidst all the news that I see and hear thats the only thing that still keeps my hopes high about the future. Anyhow, I am a … Continue reading Gooooooood news!!!! 🙂


Kurdish Clothes For All

Loyal reader, Hello from a very emotional blogger! Over the years I have been part of a handful of different charity campaigns. A number remain close to my heart. Some surprise me and take me by a storm, others are quiet disappointing. Some leave me in tears of happiness, others tears of pain and depression. … Continue reading Kurdish Clothes For All


Please join us in donating your Kurdish clothes which you are no longer in use of to poor families who can not afford to purchase new ones this Newroz. We are collecting used Kurdish clothes (or new ones) of all sizes, parts, and colors for both genders. They will be distributed to poor families in … Continue reading #KurdishClothesForAll

Volunteer to make a new friend

My dearest loyal reader, Some of the most beautiful moments of my life are spent speaking to people that I don't know close, of those who have a complete different background than myself. They are the moments that I cherish and those I learn the most from. I began my irregular visits to the elderly people's … Continue reading Volunteer to make a new friend

We bought a best friend

Loyalist readers!!! Why hello there. Imagine you are at an elderly people's home. You husband/ wife have passed away, you are ill to the extent that can't leave your bed without someone's help. You share a room with 10 other people. The kids that you sacrificed all your life for to raise don't even visit … Continue reading We bought a best friend

The corridors of the elderly people’s home… part I

Dearest Loyal Reader, I am seated alone in late night hours, by our dining table with a lot of illustrations. I sigh looking at each one, wishing that I can do something to help the person who drew these in late hours as such, all alone. Except I have a family to wake up to, … Continue reading The corridors of the elderly people’s home… part I

Rebuild Kobani with the Australian National University

So many people are doing so many great things for so many great causes, and sometimes one can get confused and lost as to who to support and what to do to help. Then there are the little initiatives that I feel go a very long way. The little things that make you feel, "Wow,  I … Continue reading Rebuild Kobani with the Australian National University