Singles’ Day

Loyal Readers* So, apparently today was Single's Day. You didn't know, right? I had absolutely no idea too.  The case is very different On Valentine's Day. My entire Facebook and Instagram feed is filled with quotes, words, celebratory messages, flowers, and a million other things. It is even a time where people write paragraphs and essays... Continue Reading →

Society and pessimism

I am reading a book, which I have read before, but I felt like I needed to re-read it. It speaks about optimism, love, success, and happiness. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking, "one of those books," maybe it is one of those books, I don't know. But what I do know from reading... Continue Reading →

Rishn: Handcrafted in Kurdistan

I have never liked beards. I have never cared and have never, ever thought about anything to do with beards. But that's not what I have come to announce to the entire world (not that the entire world reads this blog, although that would be nice). Today I have grown a special respect for every man with... Continue Reading →

First time Daya!

Hello loyal reader, Guess what? 1.Tomorrow I expect a revolution. I expect to sleep through the night, not to hear a single cry. I expect to clean a nappy every said hours without delays. I expect for feeding times and amounts to be perfect. I also expect a miracle to happen where I feel on top... Continue Reading →

I DO – Part III (Last one)

PART IIIYour Big Fat Kurdish WeddingHelloooo Hellooo Helloo Loyal Blog Readers!(Yes. Yes. I know. I know. Late again. This post was supposed to be made a few Wednesdays back.) Sorry not the Kurdish way So. You said "I do" and now it's time for the wedding. The beauty of a Kurdish wedding is that it... Continue Reading →

I DO – Part II

Helllooo Loyal Blog Reader,Last Wednesday I wrote an entry for a group of desperate Western girls who had emailed over time asking how it is to be married into a Kurdish family, since Mr. Prince Charming (who happens to be a Kurd) had proposed! Your fairytale with Mr. Kurd begins... You know the drill, let's... Continue Reading →

Your guide to saying I do to Mr. Kurd

PART I Hellooooo dearest Loyal Blog Reader, Kurdish men are increasingly proposing to the beautiful blonde girl, who has grown up in an open society which originally gave her the right to fall in love with a foreign man; then she finds herself in a much more challenging environment (that was the best, politest and... Continue Reading →

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