Donate a best friend for the elderly

Loyal reader, In the car back from the Nursing home I was telling Saza how the times I spend there I am my happiest. yes, I am most content when talking and sitting with the elderlies. This is not to say for the entire time there I hold back my tears. As I am writing... Continue Reading →

The corridors of the elderly people’s home… part I

Dearest Loyal Reader, I am seated alone in late night hours, by our dining table with a lot of illustrations. I sigh looking at each one, wishing that I can do something to help the person who drew these in late hours as such, all alone. Except I have a family to wake up to,... Continue Reading →

Help cancer patients

Helloooo to the loyalist reader, When you have cancer, and you can afford it, what do you do? Get a visa and leave to another country to get your treatment, and pray God will give you a second chance to live. When you can't afford it, you sell your house, land, car and travel to get treatment.... Continue Reading →

A martyr’s eyes

I can't sleep. That's it. I can't take it. His face comes to my mind as  I try to sleep. The sparkle in his eyes come to me as soon as I place my head on the pillow and attempt to sleep. His name? Hujam Surchi. That is, martyr Hujam Surchi who was beheaded in... Continue Reading →

Dream of a Peshmerga’s child

Hello loyal blog reader, As I write this post one of my loveliest friends in this entire world is working hard with a great team of volunteers putting together a super amazing event for this weekend. Guess what?...

An orphanage for Yezidi children

Loyal Blog Readers, the kind hearted ones on the WWW I have always admired and looked up to young people who try to create something in their world. I have never met this young girl, but have heard enough about her to tell you all about a special project which you can help in making possible. It's a new... Continue Reading →

Buy Art! Help the displaced!

Loyal Readers based in Erbil, This one is for you. I love sharing with you the little, special things that take place in my nest. So, here is something exciting. Are you ready to add this to your calendar this weekend? Friday, November 21st, 2:30 pm is your date to make a difference and give a helping... Continue Reading →

#BuyAblanket this winter for those who have fled the warmth of their homes

Dear Loyal Blog Readers, Here, I am sharing a message from my friends at RISE Foundation. Please read, reach out and help. Buy a blanket campaign by RISE foundation Winter is coming to Kurdistan, Iraq, where 1.2 million people have been displaced this year by the consequences of the war. A real war. Real people.... Continue Reading →

Life under a flooded tent – HELP!

Dearest Loyal Blog Reader, no matter where on this very small planet, I visited the Baharka IDP camp yesterday for a possible future project and also to see the needs of the people. The situation was heart breaking, there were so many pregnant women, orphans, widowed young girls (one was 15 - keep an eye... Continue Reading →

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