My #TEDxNishtiman experience

Hello loyal reader!! If you haven't followed #TEDxNishtiman recently then you've been on a different planet (or in one of those social media/ technology detox phases). I was behind the stage, changing last minute scripts and program plans with Mustafa when I saw Azad Mohammad sitting silently, trying to peek to the audience. I couldn't help get... Continue Reading →

Dream of a Peshmerga’s child

Hello loyal blog reader, As I write this post one of my loveliest friends in this entire world is working hard with a great team of volunteers putting together a super amazing event for this weekend. Guess what?...

TEDxErbil Part I

Hellooo Loyal Blog Readers,Before I begin I shall take a pause. I actually met three Loyal Blog Readers this week. How amazing is that? One in Yoga (gosh she was so sweet) and another two in TEDxERBIL on the weekend (you know who you are!). I guess all three were surprised to see someone so... Continue Reading →

My Sweet Pepper Land – come and watch

Hellooo Blog Readers, If you're out and about in Erbil today then do visit the French Institute/ cultural house  (next to the French Consulate) and watch My Sweet Pepper Land.   My Sweet Pepper Land screening tonight synopsis "After the fall of Saddam Hussein, Baran, a Kurdish independence war hero, resolves to accept a position... Continue Reading →

Photo Exhibition

Dear Loyal Reader (s) hellooooo,Thinking of something to do? There is a photo exhibition taking place at the French Cultural Center (next to the French Consulate) in Erbil today, 21 October 2014. Some amazing local talent are showing the world a story through their camera lens. I am so glad places like the Consulate of France in... Continue Reading →

LIVE FROM ERBIL- At the marathon

To the most loyal blog follower in the world- Hellloooo!!! am katat bash!!!!! Okay okay, I admit this blog comes a tiny winy little bit late (as in almost two weeks late!) but look at the bright side, at least I am writing about it. I actually ran (more like 'walked' wink* wink*) a marathon.... Continue Reading →

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