Help Yezidi families

Yezidi families fleeing their homes for safety Our Yezidi brothers and sisters are being killed by the ISIS in Shangal. Are you just going to sit behind your laptops and just watch this happen? What if it was your family? Would you still just sit and watch? The situation has reached a point where ISIS... Continue Reading →

It’s an important day…

Dearest,Tonight is laylat-el-qader. In the room I am in lights are dim. The prayer mat is waiting for me to sit before God and pray. It is going to be a long night. Today was/is an important day.My dearest reader, as we approach the days of Jezhn (Eid) thousands of families in my city will... Continue Reading →

Live from Erbil- A dream comes true

To the greatest, most loyal and loveliest blog reader in the world! Am kataw hamw katekt khosh!What a day! Today felt like my dream was coming true. I was the happiest person you could ever think of. I felt like a bird flying in the sky…. (Okay I think I need to calm down, but... Continue Reading →

Live from Erbil – Qaysari

Dearest blog reader. You know I actually miss you when I am not writing to you. If you my dear reader think that Erbil is all about big buildings, fancy shopping and coffee shops you are wrong, and you better not have that image of Erbil otherwise your loyal blogger will be dl shkaw (broken... Continue Reading →

Live from Hawler!! Before and After :)

To my favorite blog reader in the world!! Looking over Erbil.If you know me well (I am sure after five years of reading my blog you would) you would know there is nothing in the world that makes me as happy as discovering Kurdistan. So, my friend Narin arranged an entire day for us to spend together around... Continue Reading →

Live from Hawler!!!

To the sweeeetest, most special, most loved, most loyal blog reader in the world,I am home! Home sweet home! (I promise from this day forward I will be as loyal of a blogger as you are as a reader! that's a promise from me to you!!) First thing is first. I land at Erbil International Airport... Continue Reading →

Test the taste buds in Kurdistan

To the greatest blog readers in the planet^Baxerben! Sar sar o sar chaw for another entry!!I'm going through an emotional turmoil so I resort to the blog to let out that frustration**In my corner of the world a lot is going on. Of all the things that I can write about I decided to blog about... Continue Reading →

Hawlery Times

To the special people reading this!Before I write anything: Can you believe that this week FOUR people have come to Kurdistan this week, strangers, who have actually read my blog, and write now, as I am typing all four of them are here! [[me= almost in tears… really happy]] Okay, it's Thursday night— a long... Continue Reading →

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