A gift from Kurdistan

Dear reader (Hi Lesley & Hedi) Today I'm happy, like really, really happy!! If you've read my posts from long, long ago I desperately cried for someone to open a reputable Kurdish souvenir shop, I even wished for it. It is something we lacked here. You see, I am a very sentimental person (I have... Continue Reading →

60 glasses of tea

I love art. I love tea, and I love Kurdish culture. Oh wait, and I also love wonderful, loving, caring, amazing people. When all these come together my heart skips beats and gets a little too excited. For four days, from July 4-8, all these are coming together to meet you in one of the... Continue Reading →

A walk with Kani to the Kani…

Sunday Memoirs Kani* is a young girl, and the daughter of a close family friend. She has plump, pink cheeks, a long black ponytail reaching her lower back and when she smiles, she reveals her two lopsided front teeth, showing a little of decay as well. The ponytail sways side to side as she walks... Continue Reading →

The city that never stops growing!

My dearest most loyal reader…I haven’t blogged for so long, it is not because nothing has happened, in fact the opposite is true, a lot has happened and I was just not in the right state of mind to sit and write. But here we are, yesterday President Talabani was announced as Iraq’s President for... Continue Reading →

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