Festivity in Erbil

Loyal Blog Readers- here, there, everywhere! Merry Christmas to those who celebrated (as usual I am lagging behind, four days this time. Sorry) I wish you all never ending peace and happiness - though I know in today's world that is almost always unlikely to happen, but it's a wish. What's happening in my part of... Continue Reading →

For the ladies!

Dear Loyal Blog Reader,So often women ask about life in Kurdistan as a female: What to do? Where to go? Can I walk alone? Can I go for a run? Can I go to the gym? Can I take a taxi?The answer is always yes, but there is always a big fat BUT. You can,... Continue Reading →

LIVE FROM ERBIL: Cha with maam Khalil

Helloooo Helllooooo Helllooooooo!!!!Yes! Yes! Yes! Back in Kurdistan. And how lucky are you my dearest Loyal Reader because once again you'll be part of the journey! EXCITING!!!!Maam (uncle) Khalil and I in one of the best days in my lifeWhen my friend NQ says "I am taking you out" I know ahead of time it... Continue Reading →

Live from Hawler!!!

To the sweeeetest, most special, most loved, most loyal blog reader in the world,I am home! Home sweet home! (I promise from this day forward I will be as loyal of a blogger as you are as a reader! that's a promise from me to you!!) First thing is first. I land at Erbil International Airport... Continue Reading →

Returning to Kurdistan? Here are ten 911 tips

The view when you land in Erbil International Airport (EIA)Today, looking like a proper monster sitting on my bed with papers, books, pens and highlighters everywhere*. Hair looking like an un-groomed lion's mane - no in fact that looks much better - dark circles, it's past 7pm and been in my pajamas all day... it has been... Continue Reading →

You haven’t met Ashna?! NO WAY!!

GUEST BLOGGERTo the greatest, dearest, most special blog reader in the world,AshnaWhy? (of course, other than the fact that of all the things in the world you can do right now you've chosen to be on mandalawi.blogspot) because you are about to meet a very special Kurdish girl. I won't write any introduction, but here... Continue Reading →

Meet Bewar!!

Guess Blogger"Saz it is 12:30 am and you are taking me to a journey to my own life! Thank you! I am Bewar Abdullah, 21 years old. Graduated from Political Science and International Relations at University of Kurdistan Hewler, and now working in my own university in the Media and Public Relations department.I will take... Continue Reading →

Meet Sayran….

To the most loyal, greatest and sweetest blog reader in the world*GUEST BLOGGER SERIESHere is something fun and different for a blog entry. I am going to introduce you to different Kurdish girls over the next few weeks- a brief insight into their life. This will also give you, my dearest reader, a look into Kurdistan, and... Continue Reading →

One small step for Erbil, one giant step for cultural progress: Coffee Shops!

Dearest reader,Once again writing from Erbil, Kurdistan. Am katatan bash!!!Two days ago I took you on my journey to mrishk shopping. Today was a totally different experience. While mrishk is not one of my favourite things, what I saw today is top ranking in that list-- with no doubt.Family Mall still remains to be the... Continue Reading →

A diary from Erbil

World’s most loyal readers… Shaw Bash! Week One, Part One*How great it feels to be around family and relatives while writing a blog entry. Though I feel rude, aunty is talking to me and I am typing away, nodding every now and then.For my non-Kurdish blog readers: Before I begin just let me check your... Continue Reading →

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