A gift from Kurdistan

Dear reader (Hi Lesley & Hedi) Today I'm happy, like really, really happy!! If you've read my posts from long, long ago I desperately cried for someone to open a reputable Kurdish souvenir shop, I even wished for it. It is something we lacked here. You see, I am a very sentimental person (I have... Continue Reading →

60 glasses of tea

I love art. I love tea, and I love Kurdish culture. Oh wait, and I also love wonderful, loving, caring, amazing people. When all these come together my heart skips beats and gets a little too excited. For four days, from July 4-8, all these are coming together to meet you in one of the... Continue Reading →

You haven’t met Ashna?! NO WAY!!

GUEST BLOGGERTo the greatest, dearest, most special blog reader in the world,AshnaWhy? (of course, other than the fact that of all the things in the world you can do right now you've chosen to be on mandalawi.blogspot) because you are about to meet a very special Kurdish girl. I won't write any introduction, but here... Continue Reading →

Meet Bewar!!

Guess Blogger"Saz it is 12:30 am and you are taking me to a journey to my own life! Thank you! I am Bewar Abdullah, 21 years old. Graduated from Political Science and International Relations at University of Kurdistan Hewler, and now working in my own university in the Media and Public Relations department.I will take... Continue Reading →

Meet Sayran….

To the most loyal, greatest and sweetest blog reader in the world*GUEST BLOGGER SERIESHere is something fun and different for a blog entry. I am going to introduce you to different Kurdish girls over the next few weeks- a brief insight into their life. This will also give you, my dearest reader, a look into Kurdistan, and... Continue Reading →

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