Promises to my son….

Dearest loyal reader, been a while? I swear my excuse this time is legitimate, I became a mother and  I chose for everything else in my life to go on hold! I have not written anything for sometime it feels surreal to come back to the laptop and know I will type my thoughts away. I will write... Continue Reading →

7 years of blogging in My Nest in Kurdistan!

Dearest most loyal blog readers in the world, have I ever said how much I love you? Happy Birthday to you, to me and to this blog! This week  I celebrate SEVEN years of blogging. Seven years of my little corner on this World Wide Web. Seven years of people, stories and experiences. Seven years... Continue Reading →

Hello November

Dearest Loyal Blog Reader,WOW! November already? In part of the world, here in Kurdistan, October has been a month filled with  tears. Tears, because our men and women in uniform are fighting monsters (ISIS) to keep our land safe.. mothers said good bye to their children in the hope they will see them again, some come... Continue Reading →

It’s an important day…

Dearest,Tonight is laylat-el-qader. In the room I am in lights are dim. The prayer mat is waiting for me to sit before God and pray. It is going to be a long night. Today was/is an important day.My dearest reader, as we approach the days of Jezhn (Eid) thousands of families in my city will... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Memoirs

The column below was published in 2009, in the Kurdish Globe newspaper in Erbil.Village girl vs. city girlBy Sazan MandalawiPicture C. Jan Sefti Kurdish GirlI have previously stated there is no woman in the world like a Kurdish woman, and I stand by those words--although I have decided to take the challenge further and look... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Memoirs

The column below was published in 2009, in the Kurdish Globe newspaper in Erbil.Garage SchoolBy Sazan Mandalawi'Dara Du Dari Dee; Du Dari Dur Dur!!' (Dara saw two trees, two far, far trees) about 15 to 18 of us would call out as loudly as we possibly could.These words are famous sentences from the first pages... Continue Reading →

Changing people’s lives 3,037 miles away

GUEST BLOGGER Ruwayda Mustafa & Sazan M. MandalawiDear Reader,You might be surprised that this post is not by Sazan Mandalawi. Those who regularly follow this blog are all aware that guest bloggers often make an appearance on this blog.Today Sazan and myself went out in Euston, listened to Jazz music and enjoyed delicious Italian coffee (Not... Continue Reading →

This is my success.

This is how most of my articles were written (above is me)To the greatest, sweetest, most amazing blog reader in the world (Yes YOU!) I am writing to you at exactly 3:30 a.m. not with a smile on my face, but with a smiling heart, a tearful eye and a feeling that I have never felt... Continue Reading →

Ribbons for Halabja

One ribbon for Halabja, one of my dreams tied with it.....To the dearest, most loyal blog reader in the world....Tonight, I am sitting on my bed; away from family, relatives, and friends, far from everything, and certainly very far away from Halabja.24 years ago, little children went to sleep tonight, they did not know that... Continue Reading →

The journey ends….

1:12 a.m. 5th January 2012I watched as B.M pick up the children in the living room and took them to their beds, she was in the room between both of them, I passed by she was playing with one of the little one’s hair and talking. I am guessing she was telling him a story,... Continue Reading →

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