Hawler’s Secrets

Dearest Loyal Reader, Have you ever thought about where are Hawler's secrets kept? In it, lovers hold hands. They look into each other's eyes and make promises for the future, while others come to break their promise and part their journey. Hawler's secrets are in a place where brides and grooms come to celebrate their wedding day.... Continue Reading →

Let’s visit Jundiyan

I couldn't let this post fly by as the sizzling hot summer months are coming to an end in Kurdistan. Imagine a really warm weekend in Erbil, forget the chaotic Family Mall on a Friday morning and make your way to somewhere in beautiful nature among mountains and waterfalls. You can have a mouth watering, red, sweet shooti (watermelon) cooled in the water, music, family and nature.

Come with me to Rwandz!

Helllooo Loyal Readers, I often complain that when in Erbil I miss the sound of ocean waves and the oh-so-great feeling of sinking my feet in the sand on the shore. How lovely it would be to be a car ride away from the beach? Ahhhhhhh (it feels amazing just typing the description).....So, how about in this blog post you and I go and visit the deepest gorge in the Middle East. Let's pretend we're in the car and off we go to Rwandz.*

Kurdistan Tour Guide!

Helllooo Loyal Readers! Once upon a time even on the World Wide Web there was rarely anything about places and out & about around Kurdistan. We were lucky enough to find any non-Kurd who knew something about the Halabja Genocide or the Anfal campaign. Well, it seems like this is over! While there are many websites... Continue Reading →

Let’s visit grandma’s kitchen!

My dearest loyal blog reader, Take me to my grandmother's kitchen, take me to her cozy home filled with love and care. Take me to her kitchen where every corner has a memory, where black and white photographs here and there make the past part of the present. Take me, I won't ask what she... Continue Reading →

O’ so cozy! O’ccaffe!

Loyal readers, Ask anyone these days and we are all somehow stressed, tired, over thinking and just... had enough! If you are an expat here or someone who wants to relax in a place with a lot of western atmosphere, yet classic and cozy I think I've managed to find you something that you will... Continue Reading →

Moka & and a little bit More in Erbil

Dearest loyal blog readers,I love something old, something traditional, something full of culture and oh how I love drinking my tea at Mam Khalil's teahouse in the heart of Erbil's Qaysari Bazaar. Saza, wake up from the dream! as much as  I would love to be there everyday it's a once in a blue moon visit because some men's... Continue Reading →

Sugary Cakes – Sekercake

Dear Loyal Blog Reader, Imagine, sugar and cake? I know, emmm emmm. Then imagine this: That perfect cake with your favorite character, your lover's favorite football team or even the cover of your favorite book. Then you can eat it all. Two sisters in Erbil, Ozlem and Cigdam, make that possible with lots of time,... Continue Reading →

Out & About at Anes

Dearest, There is nothing I love more than a little hidden away place that is a treasure of its own. A loved one took me here and thought I will like it. Let me introduce you to Enes, a restaurant that is now open on the 100 meter road (towards the Italian Village). Anes Restaurant... Continue Reading →

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