Hardees came to Kurdistan

Dear Loyal Blog Readers, I think I am becoming a foodie, a trait that I never had but seem to have picked up very well recently I'm having cravings for different foods and finally ordering something other than the plain brinch w shla (basically rice and stew). Hardees - Erbil If you're in Erbil, every now and then... Continue Reading →

5 ‘Business’ Ideas for Kurdistan, Erbil

Dear Loyal Reader,You know those times where you feel you have some amazing ideas, based on your own experiences, then you talk about them to family and friends only to persuade you that your idea has no place in this society. But I swear it does. If you have a heavy pocket and willing to... Continue Reading →

Top 5 cake shops in Erbil

Helllooooo Loyal Readers!Searching for a birthday cake in Erbil? That peeerrrrfect cake for that perfect someone, for that very special occasion? Something personalized? A wedding, birthday, New Year, Christmas, graduation or just a gathering, well for the two who asked me via email, this is a special post just for you! Cake shops in Erbil... Continue Reading →

Satisfy your sweet tooth

Helllooo Loyal Blog Reader,Sweet tooth anyone? Something sugary? Something Sweet? Something a little oily too? (Don't tell me you're one of those who cringes every facial muscle and make wrinkles all over your forehead when it comes to sweets!) Sweets in the heart of Erbil Anyhow, I am probably not the biggest Baklawa fan, but... Continue Reading →

The Agha Burger!

Hellloooo to the most Loyal Blog Reader in the world,So, we meet once again! This week's Out & About Reviews is brought to you from the beautiful cultural capital of Kurdistan, the city of Sulaimaniya, or as I like to spell it, Slemani. Agha Restaurant in Sulaimaniya (Slemani), Kurdistan Before my first visit to Chavy... Continue Reading →

Grumpy Four: B to B Breakfast

So, on the last Friday before Ramadan the Grumpy Four and I decided for a family breakfast out. First option that came to mind was B to BNow, before you read this review please know that B to B (breakfast to breakfast) is still one of my favorite places to eat in Erbil and it's... Continue Reading →

Shanadar Gallery

An i-ERBIL specialHelloooo Most Loyal Blog Reader, I know, I know. Long time no see. My excuse? Hungry. Let's be fair you feel as though this city closes down during the month of Ramadan, particularly in July (we reached a lovely 50 degrees!). I find it weird how you call someone at 3 pm and... Continue Reading →

Pssssst! Can you keep a secret?

Dearest most Loyal Blog Follower, I have been away for a while, I know. But look, I have come back to you with something extraordinary I am sure you will love me for it. Since February this year I have been on a mission.  The story began when I had a training, and I loved... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Day in Erbil

Hellloooo Loyal Reader,Well, public holiday today and it did not need much effort to decide how to spend my day. I managed to have the perfect day. Of course, with the perfect people. The morning started with no breakfast. DK texted: "Saza... I miss Mam Khalil."  Me: "Kche Saza baqurbant bet. Mam Khalil it is." [40... Continue Reading →

Erbil is Joyful – 2013 Welcome!

Dearest, most loyal Blog Follower, I couldn't let this day go without making a quick entrance. My last blog for this year.. How amazing and beautiful it is to celebrate New Year in Erbil. I only had a chance to take a quick drive around Erbil last night to witness just how joyful the city... Continue Reading →

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