This Kurdish girl deserves a thank you

There are probably a thousand depressing things that I would love to write about right now, to get it all off my chest. Writing those negative thoughts and emotions is often therapeutic. However, I choose not to. You see, dearest reader, I woke up to such a beautiful post from a person I follow on Facebook, I... Continue Reading →


Kurdish couple go beyond just criticizing!

In Kurdistan there are two types of people. Type one sit and complain, all day, everyday blaming every issue in Kurdistan on everyone except themselves. These also are the type that sometimes throw rubbish from their car windows, don't obey traffic laws and find it okay  to spoke indoors while their kids are sitting half... Continue Reading →

Rishn: Handcrafted in Kurdistan

I have never liked beards. I have never cared and have never, ever thought about anything to do with beards. But that's not what I have come to announce to the entire world (not that the entire world reads this blog, although that would be nice). Today I have grown a special respect for every man with... Continue Reading →

A casual encounter with Dastan

Loyal reader, Yesterday I was walking in our area with my sister-in-law (love you N.) only to bump into the very talented, Dastan. I have written about the now renowned Dastan & Iman over and over again. But today my encounter was different. She left the taxi in her own world, trying to carefully take out this little... Continue Reading →

Through the camera lens of Raz

Dearest Reader, Since the day I somehow stumbled upon the Instagram page of The Darling Beast  I fell in love. I fell in love with the person behind the camera, taking all those amazing images that indeed tell thousands of words each. I fell in love with the personality behind that lens, even though I had... Continue Reading →

The depressing days…

Loyalist reader, If you look back to posts from a few years ago, I think this blog was much more lively. I mean, I can still go to the Citadel and write how beautiful it is, I can still visit places, take pictures and write about just how amazing they are. But this blog is part... Continue Reading →

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