The night before Jezhn…

Tomorrow is Jezhn (Eid). Today, women will finally go and clean their long, bushy eyebrows, its been left untidy for so long, just to look perfect on Jezhn Today some families will gather on the floor, on a big sufra as they kneed, stuff and knock out kulicha dough and then neatly place one next to the... Continue Reading →

Seven university lessons

Last night when I should have been working on my confirmation paper corrections, I ended up logging into Facebook instead. To my surprise a memory popped up: My photo of graduation day, seven years ago yesterday! Wow! Seven years since I graduated. It doesn't seem like a lot has changed since I am still chasing... Continue Reading →

One of those days….

Sometimes I am over the moon. Happy, joyful and my heart skips beats (in a good way!). This morning I woke up with the sun rise, prayed, finished some work on my laptop-- without the assistance of coffee. By 8 am we were hosted by one of my favourite people on the planet for breakfast.... Continue Reading →

5 things I’m excited about!

Hello Hello!!! It feels so surreal to be able to sit behind my laptop and blog. You see I have had a very hectic week wiping a toddler's runny nose, looking for a 'good' doctor, going through sleepless nights soothing a coughing/crying/tired/ little angel and trying to do a bit of work. The emphasis here... Continue Reading →

10 realities in the labour ward

Hello loyal reader, Before reading on, you are welcome to cluck here and read the previous blog post in this mini series. Birth is a miracle. Pregnancy is a beautiful journey - even if your in and out of the bathroom a hundred times in the morning (afternoon and evening too) to vomit or attempted vomit.... Continue Reading →

A Pregnancy Story: My 1st Trimester

Dearest loyal reader, There is a reason why I am writing this post now* but first let me rewind around two years ago. Three days after my pregnancy test came back positive (my favourite place for blood tests is MDC- they have the loveliest medical staff I have come across in Kurdistan) I had already visited the clinics... Continue Reading →

I know a lady who…

Loyal reader, I know a lady. I know a lady who is one in a million. A very pretty lady. So sweet, oh-so-kind, and she owns the most beautiful heart. She is one of those women who I cherish closely to my heart, but haven't yet had a chance to see her as often as I wish,... Continue Reading →

If I can, I will…

Helloooo loyal readers, It is Ramadan, you've been fasting all day, it has been very hot and hence hibernating behind  the walls of your home- for the lucky ones with electricity. You gobble down your dinner (please do not try this at home) and decide it is finally time to breathe in some fresh air. You start Whatsapp-ing a... Continue Reading →

If I can, I will……

Hi Loyal One (L.!!!) If I can I will create a school based on lots of Montessori education, and peer learning. A school where group work, activities, and enjoyment are among its mission statement. If I can I will build a school that will not raise the Xbox generation, nor will it raise the type of youth... Continue Reading →

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